Tyler Perry's 'The Oval' Episode 12 Recap

In the mid-season finale the First Lady gets an unexpected visitor and her husband gets an even nastier surprise.

Tonight’s episode of The Oval picks up from last week’s major trauma. The woman from the Ragadooshi cult who was holed up in Sharon and Richard’s house killed herself, blowing her brains out right in their kitchen!  Barry takes Sharon and Nancy, who are understandably frantic, out of the room. At this point, they have no choice but to call the police. Barry is tasked with that job, but there are warrants out for his arrest that he didn’t tell his parents about, so he doesn’t call. Hold that thought. 

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Next, we find Bobby, who isn’t in Cuba as Donald believes. He’s actually still at Kyle’s house snooping around. He finds a note that’s hard to fully read but it starts with, “I love you DW.” DW is Donald Winthrop, obviously. Anyway, Kyle walks in on him and is obviously pissed because he told him to leave a minute ago.

They have a creepy exchange, as per usual, but Bobby gets out of dodge⁠—not before asking him what was up between him and Donald. Obviously, Kyle hired Bobby to break Lily and Donald up. Bobby also asks if Kyle is the reason Lily got the designer job with the first lady and what he has up his sleeves with the first lady. Kyle neither confirms nor denies this but we all know what’s up. Bobby gets frustrated with Kyle and leaves. Later on, he finds his way to Lily again and tells her not to trust Kyle, the first lady or her husband. 

Speaking of Kyle, he has replaced Max on guarding the president and is now responsible for facilitating his meet-ups with Denise, the jumpoff. However, we know by now that Kyle and the FLOTUS might be working together, so this might not be as promising for Hunter as he thinks. But for now, Hunter tasks Kyle with bringing Denise to the White House for another roll in the hay. 

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Now we’re back at home with Richard, Barry, Sharon and Nancy. Sharon goes off to work after Barry berrates her, once again, for leaving. Then Richard points out the fact that the police have been taking awfully long to arrive. Nancy calls Barry out for not actually calling them in the first place and says she knows her kitchen knife is missing. She asks him if he killed Ruth. He neither confirms nor denies killing Ruth but he does admit that he didn’t call the police and runs upstairs so he can pack before 5-0 arrives. Richard tries to reason with him and get him to stay despite being in trouble because, you know, being a fugitive would make things worse. Barry finally says he didn’t kill Ruth or anyone, but Richard finally reveals that Barry shot a man by accident and tells him to stay in his room so he can try to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Sharon gets to work late only to find her boss, Kareem, pissed off that she was dealing with Barry’s family drama. He also tells her what we already know⁠—he’s still in love with her. He pushes up on her enough that she finally gives in and kisses him. 

At the White House, Victoria Franklin gets a surprise visitor--her mother! Victoria wasn’t expecting her but entertains her anyway and she’s definitely afraid of her. Basically, she knows Gayle snuck out of the White House and that Franklin has been banging his jumpoff in the Oval Office. She also heard about Victoria’s tantrums. Basically, she’s there to regulate. 

We learn that Victoria got pregnant while in college but because her family is affluent, they did all they could to take Hunter from broke hillbilly to cream of the crop and they won’t have the Franklins squandering their opportunities or ruining the family’s image. Victoria is as quiet as a church mouse as her mom goes in on her and it makes perfect sense why she is the way she is. Mama is also there to take her daughter and grandkids to brunch because it will look good, but she also says that Victoria’s father will handle Franklin, and that if she has to return and repeat herself, one of them will die. 

And I oop. 

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Back at Richard’s place, we watch Barry hide a box that contains a bloody knife and a ton of cash before going outside to talk to the cops, who have finally arrived. They question him about the incident at the pharmacy. Remember, Barry beat Kareem up and that’s how he got warrants out for his arrest. Barry lies and says he wasn’t at the pharmacy but surveillance obviously says otherwise. They pat him down and find another kitchen knife on him and now he’s in even more trouble and that’s where we leave off with them. 

Finally, the mid-season finale ends with Hunter finding his mistress dead in his bedroom. Yup, he snuck her in the house, had his few moments of pleasure, and thought everything was all good. They got it popping, then he went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and when he came out, he found her severed head in bed, and now he’s all covered in blood, and in shock. 

Hate to leave you hanging, but this  is where we are at the moment. See you in a few weeks!

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