‘The Perfect Find’ Stars Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers Talk Nepotism, Zodiac Signs They Stay Away From, And How To Get A Lover's Attention

Co-star Gina Torres always spoke with on how to deal with a breakup

Finding the “perfect” person can be tough, let alone subjective because as long as they’re perfect to you it shouldn’t matter. This is one of the themes in the upcoming Netflix film, The Perfect Find, which follows Jenna (Gabrielle Union) as she goes through a high-profile firing and now must find work at a frenemy’s fashion company where she falls for her son. Trying to keep things under wraps and battling their age difference, Jenna has to decide if she’s ready to risk it all for new love.

The cast also includes Keith Powers, Aisha Hinds, DB Woodside, Janet Hubert, Alani “La La” Anthony, and Gina Torres. spoke to Union, Powers, and Torres about motherhood, their zodiac signs, and whether nepotism is bad. Motherhood is a recurring theme within the film from parenting skills, protection, and allowing your offspring to grow and be independent — how did you lean on yourself as you prepared for the role?

Union: Part of the process was understanding how I changed as a mother – from our 21-year-old to the 4-year-old because we’re getting all this praise on our parenting, but the older ones are looking for us to acknowledge how we were winging it for years (laughs). I got better and trusted my instincts while trusting my kids they know who they are better than I know who they are. As long as I'm there to be a loving, guiding, and consistent adult force in their life, I’m doing great and won’t have to panic about everything. I can relate to [Gina Torres] character, Darcy because I understand her love for her son and why she’s overbearing because it’s protection for her child. There will always be extra smoke there.

Torres: Well (laughs), I’m currently the mother of a teenager so it’s the beginning of watching them spread their wings and find their way – it’s terrifying and not my favorite part of parenting but a necessary part. With Darcy and her son, they are later in the game than usual because they have always been very tight and have built a world around him, so to watch him separate himself from her in this way is heartbreaking. It’s the one time that we get to see the chink in her armor is when she lets all of it go and see her as a woman who just loves her son. Jenna makes a BOLD move to get the attention of Keith’s character’s character. What’s the boldest thing you’ve done to get a lover’s attention?

Powers: Dang, man, I need to start having notes for questions like these because this is good (laughs). For me, going up to someone you’re interested in and telling them so in front of the people they love the most is the boldest thing you can do because it’s a challenge and I’ve done that before. The people who love the person you’re professing your love for may have a different perspective on the person since they’ve known them longer and now they want to hear what you have to say – it’s like being at a wedding and listening to the vows. I didn’t grow up with affectionate parents, so expressing my affection for someone felt insane to me and it didn’t feel normal. The characters in the film deal with breakups in different ways. What’s a tip you can share with dealing with a breakup?

Torres: Do your best to remember who you are – we get so wrapped up in a plural life that we can forget just to be ourselves and fall in love with ourselves all over again. The term nepotism is mentioned in one of the scenes with Power’s character working at the fashion magazine. Is nepotism a bad thing, necessarily?

Union: In my family, absolutely not (laughs). Black nepotism feels different because even when you’ve “made it” or what people think is making it, it’s still not quite the same. If my offspring can get a look-see at life that they wouldn’t have gotten before, I will reassure them that this is their life and it is what it is. I think if you can deliver consistently and you take things seriously, recognizing you’re not bigger than others and you’re humble, then yes. I’m not paying for them, I’m going 50/50 with their father and when they hit 18, they are on their own (laughs). But in all seriousness, however, their journey looks, I wish them the best and if something I did in my life makes it easier for them, I’m okay with it.

Torres: No, it’s not a bad thing but I need to qualify that (laughs). That is okay if the person is confident and right for the job. We don’t need anybody just coming in the job just because, so as long as they know that their doing and bringing value to the table, then yes.

RELATED: Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson Slayed The Red Carpet At ‘The Perfect Find’ Movie Premiere Screening in Miami Jenna is struggling to find the “perfect” bounce back. Can you recall a period when things just weren’t working out for you and you couldn’t catch a break — how did you bounce back and what was the moment that catapulted that?

Torres: I wish I could say it was one moment, but that’s how life is and sometimes you get more than one (laughs). I would say just dive into the wave – understand it’s happening and it’s happening for a reason, so feel all the feelings and mourn whatever it is that’s left your life. There’s always an opportunity to reshuffle the deck and reinvent – shift that prism and let the light come through in a different way where there’s grace and excitement in that. You’ll find that you’re probably stronger than you thought you were. There’s a small conversation about zodiac signs — what’s one thing you know about your own sign? What's a sign you try + steer clear from?

Powers: I’m a Leo but on the cusp, so I’m also a Virgo, so sometimes, I feel more like a Virgo than a Leo. Leo demands attention in certain spaces, so it can be early in the morning or late at night where sometimes I do it, but I do it in a way where it looks like I’m not which is weird (laughs). A sign that I steer clear of are Leo’s because I love them, but they get on my nerves (laughs). They can be a lot and demand a lot so I can’t always be a Leo.

Union: I’m a true Scorpio – I wish someone would cross me because of the amount of time, the slow burn and the planning and plotting I do; you’ll feel it for the rest of your life, and I love that about me. The sign I should avoid – historically speaking, Scorpio men are very exciting with lots of upsides, but also no because somebody is gonna die and it’s not gonna be me so I would avoid the Scorpio and the charges (laughs).

You can stream The Perfect Find on Netflix on June 23rd.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity

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