Gentlemen's Club: Ranking the Male Characters in 'All the Queen's Men'

We all have our faves at Madam Deville's Club Eden, but let's do some power rankings as we await the show's return.

Madam sure knows how to pick 'em! The male exotic dancers at Club Eden are sexy, built, and willing to do anything to protect her criminal enterprise. But as the show goes on, some have proven more compelling than others. This calls for a power ranking! 

Since all of them are hot and can dance (otherwise, they wouldn't be on this show) let's rank them based on their choices this past season. 

8. Midnight:

Midnight is one of Madam's senior dancers, but he didn't have much to do this season besides lecture Doc about his feelings for a cop. He would rank pretty high in earlier seasons, but Midnight has recently faded into the background. 


7. Champ:

Poor Champ might never see the main locker room as a junior dancer and spent his time getting into misguided adventures with Rayshon and Trouble. On the surface, he seems like he could be pretty smart, but his haste to "get that bag" constantly lands him in dumb situations. 

6. Amp:

Madam's troubled nephew started as the show's romantic lead and audience surrogate, pursuing DJ Dime and eventually landing on the receiving end of Madam's rage. After accidentally killing one of the club's guests, Amp has mostly had to think about the dark paths that led to involuntary manslaughter and trying to win back Dime's affection from Big D. It's been a slow process, so we need to get him into some action fast, even if it means walking away from Dime forever. 

5. Fuego:

Fuego is another senior dancer at the show's beginning but is often treated like a stepchild due to his reluctance to support Madam's criminal activities. Although he was involved in a lot of action this past season, which inches him above Midnight and Amp, he still has yet to claim his own power. Sucks to have all that integrity, doesn't it?

4. Doc / Babyface (tied):

These two tough guys spent most of the past season getting down and dirty with women with much to lose. While Doc was romancing Detective Davis to feed information back to Madam, Babyface hooked up with Miss Tandy, a mayoral candidate, for new cars and shoes. Being attached to these women put them at the forefront of major storylines, even if most of their action was in the bedroom.

2. Big D:

Big D first came onto the scene via a sexy paint-and-sip party and quickly entered the main locker room with the senior dancers. He also briefly romanced DJ Dime and took her focus off of Amp while tricking Tommy into thinking he was a cold-blooded murderer. We admit it's pretty easy to trick Tommy, but no one knew Big D was a police informant. He's also proven himself useful to Madam and rescued Champ and Trouble after they found themselves on the wrong side of a heist.

1. Rayshon:

John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Why is Rayshon ranked so high? The kid needs a win. But, in all seriousness, he was assaulted by Miss Tandy and her husband, Jack Watson, and then terrorized by her afterward. This put him in a very fragile state. When he was invited back to the Watson home for a do-over, he beat Jack seemingly to death with a fire poker. Once he was arrested, we thought that was it for him, but Madam bailed him out with the knowledge that Tandy was the one who smothered Jack in his hospital bed. Given all he's been through we'd considered that a big win.

How would you rank Eden's dancers, and who is your favorite?

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