'All The Queen’s Men': Tied Up

Trouble and Champ are a little too cocky about their crimes and get caught up.

In the previous episode, a van pulls up outside the club and abducts Trouble and Champ. Midnight immediately tells Madam what just happened and confirms he didn't catch a plate but saw some graffiti that may offer a clue. 

Babyface comes home (Tandy's home, to be clear) and spots Tandy and District Attorney Rodds sharing a glass of wine. Rodds wonders if he's a gift from Madam. Tandy doesn't appreciate the implication she's being bought and takes her word for it before leaving. When Babyface tells Tandy that Madam wouldn't approve of her hanging with the DA, she gifts him a Rolex.

When we return to Trouble and Champ, they are tied up in a basement. They are both beaten and bruised. They hear a voice from the basement window, asking if they're okay. It's Big D! He promises to free them, and Champ, the tough guy he is, breaks into tears. 

'All The Queen's Men': Seduction, Lies & $500k Stash - Trouble & Champ Kidnapped!

Madam gets a call from Midnight and he confirms it was a gang that kidnapped them. Madam's sister, Carla, arrives at the office later, saying she's heard about the missing dancers and confirming the culprits are the Black Roc Boys. Carla says her info is worth something and they bicker over the price of the info. Madam says she'll give her a couple thousand once her dancers are returned safely. 

Big D brings a roughed-up Champ and Trouble to the club and she sends them to the junior locker room until Tommy can move them to a safe location. Big D tells Madam he retrieved her dancers. She's impressed he was able to do it without a scratch. He says he has a wild past and he learned some skills that allowed him to get him out of tough situations. His father taught him survival skills in the drug game. Madam doubts how this squares with him also being a police informant. How many Black Roc Boys did he kill? He says none. She lets him rejoin the senior dancers as gratitude for his initiative. 

Detective Davis comes over to Doc's place for some loving and he says they can no longer see each other but she wants one for the road. For "closure." They wake up the next morning to say their goodbyes. She insists this doesn't have to be our last time. She's a detective, good at sneaking around. Doc doesn't want to betray Madam's wishes.

Are these two actually in love? "Katrina" agrees to end it with "Kenny." Later, Davis has a bloody shirt she retrieved from Doc's place and plans to turn it in as evidence. Maybe she was never in love!

Fuego gets another message from the computer hacker.  "I want you to get a message to Madam. Let her know the war isn't over." When he shares the message she thanks him, and asks him to hack into the police emails and scramble all correspondence Det. Davis and Casanova. When he expresses doubts, she tells him, "Baby, you are already in this," and vows to take out the Concierge and his father in law.

For the night's performance, Madam inspects the boys and has Blue bring in Big D. He is joining them permanently as a senior dancer. Big D makes a joke about Dime that sends Amp into a rage before the other dancers hold him back. Afterwards, Babyface tells Madam the district attorney was at Tandy's.

Carla comes back asking for money, since the dancers were returned safely, even though she wasn't the one who retrieved them. The Black Roc Boys want their money back, according to Carla. They also said one of the dancers has to die. She explains how it looks to the streets if two dancers were able to rob them and get off without a scratch. You can tell she's getting through to Madam. Carla adds, before leaving, that Madam has one day to do it. Madam tells Blue that Trouble has been a liability since she joined, and it looks like she's considering dispatching her troublesome dancer.

Ultimately, Big D joins the senior dancers on the main stage. He shoves Amp during their routine, and Amp swings at him. A brawl commences in the middle of the show!

While this happens, Madam shows up at Tandy's asking why she's been hanging out with the DA and doesn't want any excuses. Madam saw the video of Tandy smothering her husband Jack in his hospital bed and plans to use this as leverage to control the once and future mayor of Atlanta. This is a twist I did not see coming! This is the footage Madam requested from Fuego. Now, she has even more dirt on Tandy. This means Rayshon is not Jack's killer!

On her way back, Madam receives a Facetime from her father, who she's happy to hear from. But it's a video of him tied up with a gun to his head. I guess playing dead didn't fool the Concierge after all!

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