Adrienne Bailon Lashes Out at Blogs Digging Up Dirt on Her Fiancé

Adrienne Bailon Lashes Out at Blogs Digging Up Dirt on Her Fiancé

He's been accused of being a serial cheater.

Published October 24th

Adrienne Bailon is about to get married to her gospel singer boo Israel Houghton, but their relationship seems to have been scarred by controversy from the first moment.

Most recently, Texas court documents revealed that Houghton is being sued for child support over two children born out of wedlock during his 20-year marriage to his first wife (the one he allegedly left for Bailon). Still, The Real host insists she's unbothered by the gossip, rumors and court drama.

Speaking to Angie Martinez on her radio show about the constant gossip surrounding her relationship, Bailon said, "I'm getting to marry someone I'm really excited about. I've embraced all of that."

Still, though, Bailon can't help but get a little frustrated about the blogs that post about them. "They can't stop, it's one after the other. I hate that blogs don't have journalistic integrity, and I hate that our audience right now doesn't know that," she says. "There's constant half-truths and full lies."

The truth is, she continues, that she already knows everything questionable from her fiancé's past. "You have to know who you're marrying. And he's phenomenal. Nobody's perfect, everybody deserves a chance of getting it right, including myself," she says. "Being friends for a really long time is a great way to start a relationship. You can hear everything their past and it doesn't affect you the same way. So I've known everything about him and he knew everything about me, and it was like, 'Dang, I still like you.' That's my best friend so I'm really happy."

Get the details on the drama surrounding the couple's relationship with BET Breaks above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

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