Torrei Hart Absolutely Destroys Amber Rose for Her Comments About Women in Philly

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Torrei Hart Absolutely Destroys Amber Rose for Her Comments About Women in Philly

Twitter is also dragging the model.

Published July 28, 2017

Here's something you don't hear every day.

Amber Rose recently caught some major flack for some words she shared during her Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E., where she revealed the "curses" of being a beautiful woman among "traditionally unattractive" women in her home city of Philadelphia.

Since the interview went public, the model's been dragged all over social media, with the latest person to slam her being Torrei Hart.

During the interview, the model explained that she "never felt like [she] belonged there" because she "always felt bigger than the city."

Things escalated pretty quickly when she added other women to the equation.

"I don't know how I can say this without sounding f****d up, but a lot of the people where I'm from aren't traditionally attractive people," she said. "For me, being blessed with beauty, as beautiful women know, is a blessing and a curse. To grow up in such an area and be blessed with beauty, it was very difficult for me."

Watch her dish on her apparently specific struggle, below:

  1. Bothered by Amber's words about the women from her hometown, Torrei Hart, a Philly native herself, spoke with the folks at TMZ and held no punches when criticizing the model for her unrealized words. In fact, she went as far as to accuse her of getting plastic surgery to attain the "traditional" attractiveness she now boasts.

    "The Amber Rose we're talking about is pre-surgery or post-surgery? That's the question," she said. "Now, if she's talking about post-surgery, of course she's not going to look like anybody that's in the south Philly area of north Philly, west Philly, any part of Philly because she's got enhancements. So she's not going to look like the everyday girl."

    Kevin Hart's ex-wife went on to say that the former exotic dancer has been getting false courage from male suitors who only seem to have one agenda.

    "She let these men gass her up a little bit," she added. "She forgot that men [are] going to tell you whatever they need to tell you to get into the drawers."

    Watch the clip for her full commentary, below:

  2. The Twitter community seemed to overwhelmingly side with Torrei as they joined in dragging Amber for her insensitive words:

Get more Amber Rose news in the BET Breaks video, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: Tasia Wells/Getty Images, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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