This Moment From Stephen Colbert’s Emmys Monologue Had Jaws On The Floor

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17:  Host Stephen Colbert speaks onstage during the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

This Moment From Stephen Colbert’s Emmys Monologue Had Jaws On The Floor

No one was safe.

Published September 17, 2017

One thing we know about Donald Trump and his administration is that they can’t take a joke. Well, unless you’ve left the White House, then it seems to be fair game.

  1. Former White House Spokesperson Anthony Scaramucci was the first to make light of the BS he had to go through during his short-lived two weeks on the job and now, one of his predecessors is starting to laugh about his time attempting to defend the 45th President.

    During the 2017 Emmy Awards monologue, delivered by Late Night’s Stephen Colbert, Sean Spicer decided to make a surprise appearance and poke fun at his infamous Trump inauguration audience size declaration.

    “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys. Period,” he said behind his famous press conference podium. “Both in person and around the world.”

    That wasn’t all, Colbert took shots at Bill Maher, calling him a black person for his comfortable and free use of the n-word and of course a bunch of jabs at The Donald himself.

    Watch Sean Spicer appear on-stage at the Emmys and reaction to it below.

  2. Yes, that's actually Sean Spicer
  3. Reaction

    HOLY CRAP SEAN SPICER! #Emmys2017 just dropped it like its hot! #SeanSpicer

    — HollyMorelockPhotog (@HollyMorelock79) September 18, 2017
  4. #Emmys2017 OMG!!! I'm still in shock...epic appearance of #SeanSpicer

    — Diann DeAngelis (@diannd) September 18, 2017
  5. Sean Spicer at the Emmys... what just happened!!!!!!!! #seanspicer #emmys2017 #killedit

    — Jerry (@jerrygonz82) September 18, 2017
  6. Oh yeah and #SeanSpicer made an appearance to declare the audience size the largest in #Emmy history

    — Jillian Thomas (@foulmouthgirl) September 18, 2017
  7. #SeanSpicer showing up at the #Emmys :scream:#Emmys2017

    — Liz Prugh (@lizprugh) September 18, 2017
  8. If you're a former member of the Trump admin and you want to go big at a rebrand, no better way than a cameo at the #Emmys #SeanSpicer

    — Cassandra Hogan (@Hogan80Hogan) September 18, 2017

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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