Desperate Housewife: Kenya Moore Reportedly Pulled An Insane Stunt To Secure Her Peach On 'RHOA'

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Desperate Housewife: Kenya Moore Reportedly Pulled An Insane Stunt To Secure Her Peach On 'RHOA'

This is just...sad.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 13, 2018 / 03:45 PM

The current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has seen cast member Kenya Moore be plagued with several rumors surrounding both her marriage and her fate on the series.

The latest chatter about the reality starlet aims to expose her latest stunt, which, based on reports, saw her go to extreme lengths to ensure she has the tightest grip on that peach for some time to come.

During the last episode of the popular Bravo reality series, the newly married Moore was seen visiting the doctor's office after passing on the cast trip to Barcelona. She claimed in the clip that she was six weeks late and teased that she may have been pregnant. After the test she took, herself, proved to be inconclusive, her doctor told her a blood test needed to be conducted to provide more accurate results.

While this all seems exciting for the former beauty queen, Radar Online reports that it was all an act she performed to spice up her plot for the current season.

The site reports that while it seemed as she purposefully declined the ladies' offer to join them in Barcelona for the cast trip, the producers of the show, in fact, told her she was not allowed to go. Her absence will reportedly cause her to lose $100,000 due to her not being featured in the episodes showing the cast while overseas. Reportedly, she thus concocted the "pregnancy" plan to ensure she secured her peach for a while longer.

"Kenya was in trouble with the production company after her husband refused to film with her at all," an insider told the site. "They told her she was going to get fired, and she had better do something to stay on the show. That was filmed after the women got back from Barcelona, not before."

The source went on to add that Moore, 50, didn't even believe, herself, that she was pregnant.

"No one believes a word that Kenya tells them," the source continued. "They knew she was desperate to stay on the show, so she made it all up. And it isn't working. She's getting fired after this season."

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo/Getty Images)


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