Stop Blaming Kim Kardashian For Kanye’s Meltdowns

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Stop Blaming Kim Kardashian For Kanye’s Meltdowns

This didn’t start with the “sunken place.”

Published April 29, 2018

I’ve had a hard time with a LOT of what’s been said about Kanye lately. But I do get it. I get why this is so hard to deal with. For many of us, myself included, Kanye West’s current behavior is intensely personal. Whether he’s down with Black people, hip-hop, Democrats or any of the other labels I wear, I claim Kanye.

So, I want answers. I want to know why he seems to be in The Sunken Place.

Unfortunately, right now, for most, that means that a finger has to be pointed somewhere.

This week, Snoop decided to point that finger at Kim Kardashian because in his opinion (and countless others) she is where we should place the blame for Kanye’s trolling-tantrums.

On a stark black background with white texts, Snoop posted: “The evolution of Jay-Z and Kanye show you how influential your wife can be to your life.” (And the visual matters. This wasn’t a meme with a funny photo or something meant to be lighthearted. He was dead serious. Captioning the image with a shout-out to his wife for keeping him in line.)

So according to Snoop, Jay-Z needed Beyoncé to keep him on the path to spiritual wellness and professional greatness. And since Kanye married Kim Kardashian, he’s dropping erratic music, beefing with longtime friends, earning the love of Trump and confounding his audience.

Now of course your spouse should bring out the best in you—and can affect you in a negative way. But the idea that Kim K could be the reason why Kanye is acting out is super unfair.

Is it because she’s part of the Kardashian Klan—easy targets for what’s to blame in society and pop culture?

Is it because Kim K has dated Black men almost exclusively and she’s has somehow brainwashed Ye?

I think it’s easy to place that blame on her but it’s sexist and patriarchal.

Kim Kardashian is a wife and mother of three small children. She and Kanye have been together for years.

Was Beyoncé really responsible for Jay’s growth? No one really knows that. I’d like to think they’ve both helped each other grow over the years but ultimately Jay is responsible for his own growth. If he did anything to repair his relationship with his wife, he still ultimately did it for himself and by himself.

Kim Kardashian catches some tough breaks. And we all know what the undercurrent is here—she shows off her body and she’s thought of as vapid, uneducated and not-Woke.

Here’s the thing though. Six months ago, Kim Kardashian took up the cause of Cyntoia Brown. Sentenced to life in prison at 16 for killing her pimp, Brown’s case gained traction and attention on social media. Kim K shared the story with her followers and is now paying Brown’s fees as her legal team pushes to get her conviction overturned. She’s also helping Alice Johnson, sentenced to a life sentence for a first-time drug conviction.

Not only are these important cases—they are not easy to defend. These are the cases where commenters say why is she helping this CRIMINAL?

I’m not here to defend Kim K. I don’t know her intentions or her ethics. What I do know is that the folks who are helping people like Cyntoia Brown and Alice Marie Johnson are not likely slapping a signed MAGA hat on Kanye’s head while he’s calling Trump his brother.

You can say what you want about Kim. But I believe Kanye’s not as far gone as he could be because of her.

Written by Aliya S. King

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for March For Our Lives


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