Kim Kardashian Started A War With Kanye’s Mom’s Charity And It Did Not End Well

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Kim Kardashian Started A War With Kanye’s Mom’s Charity And It Did Not End Well

Donda’s House, Rhymefest both released statements about her offensive remarks.

Published May 27, 2018

In 2007, Kanye West's mother Donda West passed away after complications from plastic surgery. In  2011,  Kanye, producer Rhymefest and Rhymfest's wife Donnie Smith created Donda’s House Inc., a non-profit to help young creatives in Chicago.

Now, after Kanye's comments about slavery and Donald Trump, the non-profit is in dire straits and they are reaching out for help. They also claim Kanye has ignored their requests for financial support. Rhymefest co-signed West has been MIA and, Kim Kardashian decided to clap back at Rhymefest. It didn't end well. 

  1. In a statement, Donda’s House Inc. is asking to not “throw away” support because of Kanye’s recent comments, “We ask that as you boycott and protest Kanye West, that you not forget that we are a non-profit organization that like other non-profits needs donations, corporate support and volunteers. We do not want your rejection of Kanye West, to be a rejection of Dr. Donda West and the thousands of lives she impacted including her own son."

    The statement also revealed Kanye has not been supporting the chartity, "As we seek support to convert Kanye’s childhood home into a recording studio, museum and learning space – we have been unable to secure the financial support of Kanye despite multiple attempts, and despite those early conversations about his plan of support and advocacy for the youth in our programs.” 

    On Twitter, Rhymefest said he spoke to Kanye about Donda's House and claims he said, "F*ck the youth of Chicago." He also asked Drake, who is currently trading diss tracks Pusha T and Kanye, for help, see below:

  2. For some reason, instead of letting her man handle this, who started this charity years before he met Kim Kardashian, she decided to insert her two cents and even said she wants to take over the charity. See below:

  3. Rhymefest responded back in a full statement, “I don’t care if no one on your timeline knows who I am. The people in my community and in my city do, and that’s what truly matters to me. Your husband and I have been in correspondence for the last two months, which as you stated, even you saw me in the studio recently. Kanye asked me if I could come help him with his album again. I was seeking Kanye…he was seeking me. I spoke to your husband about peace, and balance, as well as the work that we have been doing in Chicago regarding Donda’s House. He was more interested in his record.”

    He also added, “Foot the bill as we have done, for youth to record or contact more of your famous friends to actually come sit down with the youth.”

  4. Donda's House also released a statement saying they will no longer use the name Donda's House, Inc., especially after Kim Kardashian said she would take over the organization. See below:

    Sad situation, considering this is all of the name of helping young people in Chicago. See some of the Twitter reactions below.

Written by Renee Samuel


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