Drake's Twitter Account Was Hacked and This Happened

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Drake's Twitter Account Was Hacked and This Happened

His hacker acted similarly to someone messing with Kylie Jenner's Twitter account.

Published June 6, 2016

One of the most sacred tools in a celebrity's career these days is their social media account. If and when an account with millions of followers falls into the wrong hands, all sorts of serious problems could be created.

While some are successful in safeguarding their passwords, some aren't so lucky and find themselves falling victim to a hacking. Most recently, Drake's Twitter account was compromised.

As reported, Drizzy's account was hacked over the weekend.

Luckily, the damage in this hacking was minimal. Twitter user @2aiden3 promoted his personal accounts during the unwelcome posts. His Twitter account is currently suspended as a result. The posts have since been deleted, but we're sure it gave Drake's camp a little bit of a headache.

As reported, Kylie Jenner, Mark Zuckerberg, Bon Iver, Tenacious D and Keith Richards also had their accounts on Twitter hacked over the past weekend.

While it's unclear if these hackings were connected, the incidents definitely serve as a weekly reminder for celebrities to reset their passwords.

Check out the now-deleted posts here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: MHD, PacificCoastNews)


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