Drake Calls for Funk Flex to Be Fired From Hot 97, Flex Responds

Drake Calls for Funk Flex to Be Fired From Hot 97, Flex Responds

Looks like another can of beef has been opened.

Published August 5, 2016

Drake’s got more beef than a butcher right now. In fact, rumors that he’s beefing with Eminem has caused beef.

At least that’s what went down last night (August 4). During his Summer '16 set at Madison Square Garden Drake wanted to squash the Eminem beef before it began and, in the process, opened up a battle on a new front.

“They telling lies on Hot97!” the Toronto native said during a break in performing. “Fire Funkmaster Flex and I’ll do ya show.”


We all know Flex wasn’t going to sit there and take it. He took to Twitter right after hearing what went down and has something for us tomorrow on the subject.

“Hahahaha!!! 7pm Sat I got a story to tell!” He tweeted. “@Drake u gonna learn! #NYC @HOT97.” Let’s hope this doesn’t end up like the beginning of Meek Mill’s beef with Drizzy from a year ago. If all we’re going to hear is bomb drops for two hours, pitchforks and torches will come out, at least on social media.

Check out the Drake and Funkmaster Flex back-and-forth below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Rick Kern/WireImage, John Lamparski/WireImage)


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