DJ Quik Issues Threats to YG, YG Responds

DJ Quik Issues Threats to YG, YG Responds

Today in deleted tweets...

Published August 8, 2016

Earlier this summer, beef began bubbling between DJ Quik and YG, but the cryptic reason why didn’t reveal itself until recently.

While the tweets hinting at suing an unidentified Compton rapper have since been deleted, a new series of now-deleted tweets shows just how serious DJ Quik is about getting some respek on his name.

A new round of tweets allege that DJ Quik engineered YG’s hit song, “My N***a” and hasn’t received credit. The DJ has threatened taking legal action against YG, his management, Jeezy and even the general company Twitter account for Def Jam.

“Be safe on the block I invented,” DJ Quik wrote on Twitter earlier today, warning the young rapper that things between the two are about to get serious.

In another tweet aimed at both YG and Jeezy, the DJ requested he receive his credit and his platinum plaque while they’re at it.

“Shoot me my engineering credits for stemming and recording vocals on your platinum song My Hitta or whatever u call it,” the now-deleted post read. “And shoot my Platinum plaque to: DJ Quik. I’ll wait.”

So far, YG has remained relatively quiet on the issue, but did send off a simple “f**k the police” in Quik’s direction.

It looks like we may very well have a pending lawsuit on our hands, folks, and it could get scrappy. 

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from top left: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessy, Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images, YG via Twitter))


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