Hot 97's Ebro Darden to Drake: 'Do Not Play With Me!'

Hot 97's Ebro Darden to Drake: 'Do Not Play With Me!'

He's taking no prisoners.

Published August 9, 2016

The rumored but now largely debunked beef between Drake and Eminem left a lot of bodies in its wake.

Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden, who circulated a message relaying that Drizzy would have “something” for Em if he ever initiated a beef, has since backtracked and explained that everything he and Drake talked about in private was in a joking manner. It was too late for the Toronto native though, as he called out all of Hot 97 during a show last Thursday (August 5) in New York.

Well, now Ebro’s not playing about this situation or any other and has words for Drake or anyone else trying to test him. During a segment from his show this morning, (August 9) the gloves came off as Ebro explained what happened and why everyone needs to chill out.

“We had an absurd conversation about speculative rap beef that was so absurd that the idea that Marshall Mathers, Eminem, would jump up and protect Joe Budden and go at Drake,” he said. “That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

“It is ridiculous so Drake is really mad about that? Hit the button! Do not play with me. None of y’all,” he continued. “You know what time it is with me. I’m cool with everybody. I don’t go nowhere with security. Everybody in the hood knows me. It’s not an issue with me, ever. I’m keeping it clean for everybody and I appreciate the love at MSG.”

Damn. Well, at least we know where Ebro stands. Is this thing finally over? Funkmaster Flex seems to think it isn’t. We’ll see if that leg of the beef continues to stand. Check out what Ebro had to say below.

Don't play with #Ebro.... #Drake #hot97

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Written by Paul Meara

(Photo from left: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Electus Digital/WatchLOUD, AdMedia / Splash News)


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