Young Jeezy Compared Donald Trump to Tupac

Young Jeezy Compared Donald Trump to Tupac

Let him explain.

Published October 6, 2016

Young Jeezy may not be voting for Donald Trump in November, but that’s not stopping him from admiring what he believes to be Trump’s strong business acumen.

The Atlanta rapper recently sat down Taxstone for an episode of his Tax Season podcast. During their conversation Jeezy applauded The Donald’s success in business, but says he’s not “presidential material.”

“You can be a businessman, that means none of your employees gotta like you,” he explained. “By the way, if your business is successful, nine times out of 10, your employees aren’t going to like you. I ain’t gonna knock the man and say he’s not a good businessman, but he’s not f***ing presidential material. He doesn’t have or practice the same morals that people have when they’re in those positions of power. Even if they gave him a play where he could help the deficit — but you’re talking about commander-in-chief?”

Perhaps the biggest sound bite of the podcast though was when Jeezy compared Donald Trump to Tupac Shakur.

“When I look at the election right now and all the bulls**t that’s going on, you can’t help but laugh,” he said. “You got Donald Trump — and I tell n***as, that n***a’s cold. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be Tupac. If you put that album out right now, it’d be diamond. He hot.”

Does Jeezy have a point with his Donald Trump/Tupac comparison? Let us know in the comment section and hear the full Tax Season podcast with Young Jeezy below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images)


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