Details Released on Kodak Black's Sexual Assault Case

(Photo: Florence County Sheriff's Office)

Details Released on Kodak Black's Sexual Assault Case

The warrant describes a very explicit sexual attack.

Published November 30, 2016

The end of Kodak Black’s legal strife doesn’t seem near, especially now that details of a February sexual assault charge have surfaced.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the warrant released for the incident details a very vicious sexual attack in which Black allegedly “forced the victim onto the bed and then onto the floor of the room.”

It adds that Black removed the unidentified victim’s underwear, “orally attacked her,” and proceeded to “penetrate” her. After being asked to stop several times, the warrant indicates, Black ignored the pleas and continued the assault. South Carolina officials, as reported by the Sun, also allege that Black bit the victim on her neck and chest, and a rape kit has confirmed these injuries.

The incident described in the warrant allegedly took place in a Florence hotel room in the state of South Carolina. Since the 19-year-old rapper’s recent release from a Florida jail, proceedings of the sexual assault case has become active immediately as he was transferred to a South Carolina facility swiftly afterward.

His lawyers have still held that Black is innocent of the charges brought against him, but have not yet revealed any positions in his defense of the accusations.

Should Black be convicted, South Carolina sexual assault crimes carry up to 30 years in prison. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Florence County Sheriff's Office)


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