Soulja Boy Just Took His Beef With Quavo to Dangerous Levels

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Soulja Boy Just Took His Beef With Quavo to Dangerous Levels

And it does involve some gun play.

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 6, 2016 / 01:43 PM

Soulja Boy just won’t let up, and Migos’s Quavo is now in the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper’s crosshairs. 

Loading up more back-and-forth shots in the basically unfounded feud with Quavo, Soulja released a brazenly self-explanatory diss track titled “Beef.” According to numerous reports, the issue between the two flared when Soulja’s ears allegedly caught a diss from the Young Rich Nation clique-ster, a claim that hasn’t been proven just yet.

To publicly address the supposed diss, Soulja posted screenshots of a text message conversation between him and Quavo which escalated quite quickly. Soulja dropped the diss track followed up by another Instagram post of him wielding guns as the song blares in the background.

“F**k Quavo!” he wrote in the caption of the video, which also tagged Migos and Quavo’s personal page. Soulja also threatened through one of the captions that he’d leak a phone conversation, which we’re assuming has incriminating content from Quavo. 

You would think Soulja Boy has learned his lesson by now, considering that a video of a similar nature landed him in legal trouble back in August. Threatening Atlanta rapper Skrill Dilly, the Mississippi-bred rapper was on the receiving end of a lawsuit that Skrill claimed was being filed due to the gun-wielding video in which Soulja yells expletives out as he points the weapon directly into the camera and addresses his beef.

In the diss track, Soulja Boy also gives a shout out to his recent Lil Yachty beef, identifying India Love as Yachty's girl that he "f**ked" and further explaining that he was the reason Quavo was introduced to Travis Scott and Sean Kingston.

Quavo has yet to respond, but let’s just hope that if the boys can’t play nice, they can at least play safe.

Check out the Instagram posts and Soulja Boy's new "Beef" track below. 

Fuck @quavohuncho

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Fuck Quavo!!!!! @migos @quavohuncho

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)


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