The Internet Cannot Handle This Photo of J.Lo and Drake

Jennifer Lopez and Drake on both Instagram accounts, Dec. 27, 2016. (Photo: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram)

The Internet Cannot Handle This Photo of J.Lo and Drake

The commentary is endless.

Published December 28, 2016

After a photo coupled with some hearsay sparked rumors of a love affair between rap’s crooning Casanova, Drake, and Hollywood’s triple threat A-lister Jennifer Lopez, the internet nearly broke.

Between Drizzy’s grand gentlemanly gestures, where he reportedly rented out a West Hollywood restaurant with J.Lo on his arm for the private event to his infatuated fanboy moments for the Latina songstress to the pair’s holiday trust test, the dating buzz has gone into full-fledged throbbing mode. With neither of the two actually rubber-stamping the rumors, the latest photo of the Toronto flag bearer and Jenny From the Block might have done so for them. Both donned in all-black, J.Lo is seen lovingly strewn across Drake’s lap as he warmly embraces her in his arms with his head nestled closely behind hers.

Posting the #BaeGoals-ridden photo to his Instagram, Drake left the premise of the caption-less cuddly flick up to fan imagination and on the corners of their matchmaking chairs.

But J.Lo and Drizzy fans are no longer on the edges of their seats — they’re falling off of it.

See just how with social media’s reaction to a potential Dra-Lo coupledom below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram)


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