Looks Like Rihanna Is The Main Factor In Chris Brown And Soulja Boy's Beef

Looks Like Rihanna Is The Main Factor In Chris Brown And Soulja Boy's Beef

It wasn't Karrueche after all.

Published January 6, 2017

For the last week Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have been taking to every form of social media to pop off for the first hip hop beef of 2017. Because it initally went down in Karrueche Tran's comments, the world assumed the two stars were fighting over her. But, in a new interview with his "trainer" Floyd Mayweather, Soulja made it very clear another woman is at the center of their drama — Rihanna.

Soulja breaks it down and explains that his beef with Brown started long ago, after Brown and Rihanna's infamous domestic abuse incident in 2009.

"What he really mad about is that I was with Rihanna, you know what I'm saying? And no one would have never knew that, n*gga, if he hadn't come and started tripping about Karrueche," the rapper began. He goes on to explain that he had been in attendance at the Grammy party with Brown and Rihanna prior to their infamous fight and that Rihanna eventually sought comfort in Soulja Boy's company.

"I'm in LA, I'm on tour with Lil Wayne at this time, Rihanna called my manager," he continued. "'I wana come to Soulja Boy Concert.' I'm a young n*gga from the hood from Atlanta I never had nothing in my whole life, that's Rihanna n*gga, she the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated. 'You can come to the show.'" He then explains that he kicked his then-girlfriend Teyana Taylor off the tour bus to spend time with Rihanna after the show, bringing yet another huge name into this mess.

He goes on, "It's like one in the morning, my management called, 'Rihanna wants to talk to you." Adding, "I text her...'I'm at the London Hotel, come through I just want to chill with you.' I'm like, 'Damn,' I'm a young n*gga from the hood I already know what time that is. I know what that's about...That's what the beef really stems from, it stems from Rihanna."

Soulja goes on to say that Brown contacted him after he spent time with Rihanna in the same way that he lashed out after Soulja boy interacted with Tran, adding that he believes Brown stole his style, and affinity for tattoos. The interview concluded with Soulja Boy asking Brown to meet him in the ring, saying, "So when we get in the ring, n*gga, treat me like I'm Rihanna, n*gga, beat me like you did Rihanna, n*gga, see what the f*ck happens...and Rihanna come to the fight, and Karrueche come to the fight and you know they can't wait to see this n*gga get his a** beat."

Watch the entire video below:

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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