The Internet Is Waiting on Drake at the Door...

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Drake performs at Piedmont Park during day 1 of Music Midtown on September 18, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo: Scott Legato/FilmMagic)

The Internet Is Waiting on Drake at the Door...

If you're tweeting this, it's too late.

Published March 6, 2017

When it comes to OVO’s hip-hop top dog Drake and his global fandom, there’s enough Drizzy jams for fans to practically never run out, with sweeping rap collaborations, four commercial albums and a healthy batch of mixtapes.   

But what they are running out of is patience for his forthcoming “More Life” project, which he’s dubbed a playlist instead of an album.

  1. After Drizzy’s post-and-delete of a handwritten message that revealed the project would be upon us on Saturday (March 4), fans had high hopes for the weekend

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  2. With Drake’s supportive dad Dennis Graham piggybacking the announcement with a post of his own, fans had their aux cords ready
  3. OVO's trusted production whiz OVO 40 even dropped hints that the playlist would be wrapping up
  4. Plus, who could go wrong when fans even saw the lengthy playlist for themselves, titles and all, right?
  5. Wrong – and as a result, the angry mob for 'More Life' is officially out for blood (or bars)
  6. So much for a Freshface Friday, Drake
  7. Even Michael Jordan keeps his release date promises better than you, Drizzy!
  8. Don't make us pull receipts, sir!
  9. Quit selling dreams, Drizzy
  10. 'Cash' him outside, Drake. How 'bout dat?
  11. Hey, we're just the messengers
  12. Pretty much all of Toronto at this point
  13. Does it really get anymore heartless than this, Drizzy?
  14. *Drops head in despair*
  15. You know when that hotline blings...

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Legato/FilmMagic)


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