Justin Bieber Has Something To Say About Black Lives Matter

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 14:  Honoree Justin Bieber attends The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber at Sony Pictures Studios on March 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber Has Something To Say About Black Lives Matter


Published September 22, 2017

In today’s political climate, it’s important for many people to know where their faves stand on social issues. Whether it’s lending support through social media or spending their hard earned coins, many fans want the artists they love to use their platforms to combat injustice.

Pop crooner Justin Bieber recently took to Instagram revealing his support of Black Lives Matter.

Spilling the tea on his stance the Biebs wrote, “I am a white Canadian and I will never know what it feels like to be an African American but what I do know is I am willing to stand up and use my voice to shine light on racism, because it’s a real thing and it’s more prevalent now than I have ever seen in my lifetime.”

Closing on a religious note, Justin Bieber added, “we are all Gods children and we are ALL EQUAL.”

This isn’t Justin Bieber’s first time speaking up. He reportedly declined a $5 million performance at the Republican National Convention because Donald Trump was their presidential nominee. He does, however, have a problematic history with race. Allegations of cultural appropriation aside, the pop singer was exposed for using the n-word back in 2014 after tapes from his youth were leaked online. It does seem like the Biebs has matured since then, and hopefully this post is a way to atone for his past behavior and do better moving forward.

Written by Jasmine Washington


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