Whoa: Did Irv Gotti Stop Suge Knight From Releasing A Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape?

Whoa: Did Irv Gotti Stop Suge Knight From Releasing A Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape?

Because according to him...

Published November 10th

Murder Inc. front runner Irv Gotti has got good memories and exclusive stories about his former friend and Latina mega-songstress Jennifer Lopez for days.

But his latest reveal about her alleged sex tape that he kept from leaking into the streets, courtesy of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, may be the most brow-raising.

Irv stopped by and buzzed up with the hosts of Drink Champs for a nearly three-hour conversation. Among a slew of topics, the Tales executive producer discussed his now-spoiled relationship with J.Lo and admits that he’s all to blame for it.  

“There’s no making it right; I am a f**king idiot,” he said of the former remarks he made to Elle magazine. Irv recalled the incident where he said J.Lo called him up and asked if he would share some commentary for her cover story with the lifestyle magazine. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was for him to call her a liar and a b**ch once the journalist rang him up, a decision he deeply regrets to this day. “I abandoned her trust and her loyalty, and if she says — until she goes in the casket — ’F**k Irv Gotti,’ I deserve it! That’s the truth.”

The Queens-bred industry exec continued explaining that afterward, he adamantly apologized to her and, now, finds himself too ashamed to even look her in the face. That hasn’t stopped him from defending her in the face of others, however — even if that means going against another top-rank label CEO like Suge.

“Remember when Suge [Knight] was saying that he had a sex-tape on J.Lo?" he asked. “N***a, I went there. ‘Suge, ni**a, she this. Ni**a, you can’t do that, ni**a!’ He was like, ‘Gotti, she’s with you?’ I said, ‘She’s the best motherf***er in the world — you can’t do that, ni**a! Destroy that sh*t if you got it!’”

Anyone who really knows the Suge Knight knows that there’s a slim to none chance that the Compton-native backs down for anyone. But according to Irv, Suge obliged as a favor to him and confirmed that the alleged tape would never see the light of day.

See the full 2-hour 47-minute interview below, and speed up to the 2:10:00 mark for his testimony on J.Lo.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo from left: Jim Spellman/WireImag, Michael Bezjian/WireImage, James Devaney/GC Images)


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