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5 Of The Wildest Quotes From Episode 2 of 'The Murder Inc Story'

There are too many quotes to keep track of, but here are the best!

Irv Gotti Reveals How He Became Frugal After Receiving A $300 Million Check

The music mogul sold his master recordings belonging to Murder Inc.

5 Things We Learned From 'The Murder Inc Story' Episode 1

Did you know Gotti comes from a family of 8 siblings?

BET Releases Teaser For Irv Gotti’s ‘The Murder Inc Story’ Documentary

The music executive doesn’t bite his tongue in the 5-part documentary about his record label.
Irv Gotti on BET's Black Coffee.

Irv Gotti Strikes $300 Million Deal for Murder Inc. Master Recordings

The famed music producer signed a deal that will also allow him to produce films and TV shows.
Jah Rule, Irv Gotti, Murder Inc docuseries

‘Murder Inc.’ Docu-series Featuring Irv Gotti and Ja Rule To Premiere This Summer on BET

The five-part television event will narrate the untold tale of the rise, sudden fall, and redemption of Murder Inc. Records.

Irv Gotti Jokingly Says He Pulled Gun On Daughter’s Boyfriend During Sex Talk

“I told her boyfriend always be respectful.”