This Rapper Is On A Hunger Strike Until He Proves His Innocence In A Murder Case

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This Rapper Is On A Hunger Strike Until He Proves His Innocence In A Murder Case

Master P announced the news in a video on Instagram.

Published February 8, 2018

No Limit rapper, C-Murder has reportedly been locked up for nearly ten years inside a Louisiana State Penitentiary, but according to the rapper and many others, he’s an innocent man.

Master P, recently issued a statement on Instagram this week, revealing that his No Limit label-mate and brother, is currently on a hunger strike. Murder’s strike is in protest of his innocence and the harsh conditions that he and others are dealing with inside the criminal justice system. 

In the video, P stated that he believes his brother’s innocence, despite not having seen eye-to-eye with him in the past. He alleges that someone confessed to committing the crime that C-Murder was ultimately charged and convicted of. There is also allegedly surveillance footage to verify this claim, according to the music mogul.

Master P’s update comes one week after Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, initially announced his hunger strike. In addition to pleading for his freedom, he revealed the terrible conditions he and his peers are currently facing. He also claimed that the warden who is overseeing the prison facility, was previously arrested for rape and has several complaints of sexual harassment and racism against him.

Despite these claims made by Master P and C-Murder, the authorities don’t seem to be listening. C-Murder was reportedly sentenced to prison in 2009 over a murder case. C was convicted of shooting and killing Louisiana teen, Steve Thomas outside of a nightclub. In addition to his life term, he was ordered to pay $500,000 to Thomas’ parents and another $150,000 due to the victim’s suffering.

See Master P’s video below.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Skip Bolen/WireImage)


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