Master P

Master P Getting A Scripted Series On His Life Story

The 10-part series will document nearly 30 years of his personal and professional life.

Master P’s Son Hercy Signs $2M endorsement Deal Prior To Tennessee State Enrollment

Hercy Miller says he’ll support the community.

Master P Wants To Be ‘Bout It’ With NBA And Coach New Orleans Pelicans

The No Limit founder wants to coach his hometown team.

Master P Partners With Family Business Of Trump Supporter To Open Grocery Store In New Orleans

His efforts to do good required him to defend himself.

Master P And Michael Eric Dyson Discuss The Consequences Of Hurricane Katrina

Their talk highlights BET's docuseries, "Boiling Point."

Master P Reveals His Next Big Purchase

“We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.”

Master P Reportedly Wants To Buy Reebok

He's partnering with former NBA player Baron Davis.