SMH: Watch These Women Attempt To Fight Cardi B Outside Of A Store

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SMH: Watch These Women Attempt To Fight Cardi B Outside Of A Store

Bardi handled this one with class.

Published May 14, 2018

Enemies against mother-to-be and Bronx femcee Cardi B seem to be randomly flying out of the woodworks amid her persistent rise to entertainment and industry stardom, such as those from hip-hop’s femcee circle like Azealia Banks.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only source where Bardi hate exists, as evidenced by a video that recently surfaced of unidentified women attempting to get violent with the Invasion of Privacy artist outside of a clothing store.

In footage of the nearly physical altercation, viewers can see a man, presumably Cardi’s bodyguard, placing himself as a barrier between her and the rowdy crowd of people.

She’s assertively responding something inaudible to the individuals among the ruckus, as you can see from her tone and body language. Several security personnel are on the scene as well with two other men in plainclothes holding a woman back from entering the door that Cardi is arguing through.

The Bronx rapper eventually walks away, but someone screams out to her, “Come outside, you B**ch!” Currently, there’s little to no details to determine where such a hostile exchange could have stemmed from, such as who the individuals were in the video or what caused the blowup. It’s worth noting, however, that the last thing Cardi needs is a physical run-in considering how far along she is in her pregnancy, which is something that the individuals in the video also apparently failed to consider.

But, just as she declared during her Broccoli Fest performance, she’ll be much better equipped to handle her adversaries in whichever way she sees fits once she “drops this baby.” We’re sure the Bardi Gang is staying on high alert in the meantime.

See the clothing store clash between Cardi and some apparent rivals in the video below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images)


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