SMH: Nicki Minaj Is Smack Dab In The Middle Of A Social Media War Between YG And This Rapper

SMH: Nicki Minaj Is Smack Dab In The Middle Of A Social Media War Between YG And This Rapper

"I told you to chill..."

Published August 9, 2018

Another day, another Tekashi 6ix9ine beef.

This time, the Brooklyn rapper and Blood gang impostor is going neck and neck with his second Compton-bred rap foe and true red flag bearer, YG.

Tension between the men erupted back in March and slow-burned into the summer amid 6ix9ine’s social media combat with Game, another Blood gang member and Compton native. A few Twitter jabs, radio interviews and one music chart competition later, and the men have officially declared war against each other.

But they have one mutual person standing on the median who’s flying a peace flag in their faces that, unfortunately, seems to be going right over their heads: YG’s “Big Bank” and 6ix9ine’s “FEFE” collaborator, Nicki Minaj

  1. The ‘Stay Dangerous’ emcee's bad blood with 6ix9ine began with two tweets

    “I WANT ALL THE SMOKE,” he wrote on Twitter in March. YG’s middle finger for the “KOODA” rapper might have seemed unprovoked, but was actually a pick for his fellow West Coast native’s side in the Game versus 6ix9ine clash.

  2. But he didn’t go too much in detail on the sharp choice of words in his first interview since posting the tweets

    YG insisted that he’s “not tripping” off of 6ix9ine. After all, he’s just a kid, he said.

  3. For his ‘Breakfast Club’ interview, however, YG was a little more elaborative

    He was a little hesitant at first, considering that he didn’t come on the show to speak on the 22-year-old. But, viewers did learn more about those fiery tweets he blasted off at him. “The little n**ga was playing with too much of the real sh**,” he explained. Therefore, he felt it was only right to intervene.

    Of course, the commentary made its way past 6ix9ine’s rainbow tresses and into his ears, and he fired back at YG with shots fired at his hip-hop all star-featured “Big Bank” record. “Sukk my d**k you had 2 Chainz Big Sean & Nicki on ya single and it still couldn’t pass me,” he wrote.

    Despite her friendly relationship with Tekashi, Nicki made sure to fact-check his clearly misinformed statement and yielded his lunge at YG. “I told you to chill Daniel,” she wrote with an eye-rolling emoji. “You know #BIGBANK went GOLD b4 #FEFE right babe? Stop trolling.”

  4. Unfortunately, Nicki’s suggestion wasn’t enough to quell the tension though…

    “Yo, I don’t know how much more disrespectful can I get,” 6ix9ine mouthed off in a video. “YG, suck my f**king d**k, stupid!” He continued jabbing at the “Big Bank” single, stating that even with four major artists on the track, YG couldn’t top his numbers. “How my record doing better than your sh**? You a whole bum out here! Stop going on radio stations trying to promote your album, mentioning my name. That sh** is a f**king dub! You a whole—you a dumby!” He then jammed out to YG’s “Toot It And Boot It” track, claiming that the song was his only means of relevancy. Boldly, 6ix9ine also challenged YG to “do something” about him, which the Compton emcee heard loud and clearly.

    “CANT WAIT TIL WE MEET @6ix9ine,” he responded after reposting 6ix9ine’s war initiation video.

    This one’s getting ugly. Alexa, play “Where Is The Love?” by Black Eyed Peas.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Paras Griffin/VMN18/Getty Images for BET, Michael Tran/FilmMagic)


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