Teyana Taylor Just Flipped TF Out On This R&B Singer And Is Now Dropping Out Of Their Tour

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Teyana Taylor Just Flipped TF Out On This R&B Singer And Is Now Dropping Out Of Their Tour

“Lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving selfish, lame a** n**ga!”

Published August 15, 2018

GOOD Music first lady Teyana Taylor has officially flown off the deep end with her (now former) tour mate and R&B singer, Jeremih, after bursting into a Twitter tirade against the Late Nights artist.

She’s flown off the tour itself as well, and for good reason after Teyana revealed that he’d been mistreating her during their time on the Later That Night tour.

  1. The KTSE songstress aired out her frustrations on Twitter

    Teyana said that she’s been “extremely mistreated” on the tour and will be chucking the deuces to her tour mate in light of that. It’s probably better this way considering that Teyana added she might “end up knocking this n**ga out” if she stays any longer.

    “I’m sorry to all who has already purchased tickets to see me I will make sure everyone gets refunded!” she wrote.

  2. Her next choice words were directly aimed at Jeremih himself

    “Lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selfish, lame a** n**ga!” she exploded on him. “Don’t ever try to play me Petunia! They come to see me 80% of the room leave after MY SET!” Teyana added that while she’s been busting her a** onstage, he’s been running command as a “DIVA in [his] princess chair.”

  3. Teyana then took her frustrations to Instagram Live...

    Fans are already reaching for the cups with hopes to fill them up with more piping hot tea she just poured on the Chicago crooner…

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for VH1)


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