Lil Boosie's Enraging Thoughts On R. Kelly And Usher's Sex Allegations Will Boil Your Blood...

Lil Boosie's Enraging Thoughts On R. Kelly And Usher's Sex Allegations Will Boil Your Blood...

“So I’m telling you b**ches now, b**ch, you a lie! We groped each other!”

Published August 29, 2018

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz had a mouthful for VladTV about the piles of sexual assault and misconduct allegations piled up against Hollywood’s biggest names, including R. Kelly, Russell Simmons and Usher.

In a nutshell, Boosie believes the allegations (echoing the premise beneath the “Me Too” movement) are loads of BS, considering that men in Hollywood are some of the most powerful and sexually sought-after. Thus, he believes, they’d have no practical reason to rape and, therefore, don’t.

In just nine, rage-filled minutes, the Mind of a Maniac rapper defends his position on sexual assault, woman accusers, Hollywood’s rich and famous and all of its intersections with his distorted view of victimhood that’s certain to blow gaskets.

  1. Vlad opens the conversation with a brow-raising statement and question about R. Kelly’s sex cult allegations

    “I’m really trying to figure out what exactly did R. Kelly do wrong by having a bunch of young girls that were of legal age at his house messing around with him and so forth,” he said to Boosie. He goes on to ask him what the difference is between Kelly’s house full of young women and that of the late Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s renowned multimillionaire founder. Aside from their skin color, Vlad points out.

    Boosie believes Kelly’s fall from grace has everything to do with the “black cloud” over his head from the horrific 2002 sex tape incident in which footage of the Pied Piper urinating on an underage girl surfaced and infuriated the masses. It’s hard to get rid of a proverbial “black cloud” like that, Boosie elaborated, and that’s why Kelly is being targeted.

    According to Boosie, if a “regular R&B artist” (whatever that is) had done it, his current sex cult allegations would never be an issue. He reached his boiling point upon the discussion of Spotify’s removal of Kelly’s music from its playlists, however.

  2. ‘How the f**k you gone f**k with that man’s music?’ he raged


    Now y’all are going too far, man!” Boosie added that other artists who were charge with heinous accusations weren’t held to the same penalties, despite the music of slain Miami rapper XXXTENTACION also being booted from the streaming services playlists.

    “Half of everybody was made by R. Kelly!” he continued ranting. “Half of everybody in the motherf**king world was made by R. Kelly!” He named R&B icon Keith Sweat as another person creditable for giving the world its baby-making music, and argued that when you’re Black and as powerful as R. Kelly, people will do anything to snatch your pedestal away.

  3. “Now they talking about Russell Simmons, talking about Russell Simmons touching b**ches…” Boosie segued

    Because Russell was so rich back then, he said of the Def Jam co-founder’s sexual misconduct allegations, what did he look like asking for, taking, or “trying to rub on p**sy for?”

    “B**ch, you mad you ain’t end up with him!” he hollered. “Them hoes mad! All of them hoes who playing the people, most of them hoes mad, man!” To him, that explains why the accusations are just now surfacing instead of back in the ‘70s and ‘80s when the assaults took place. Boosie spoke from a male celebrity’s stance, claiming that “n**gas don’t take p**sy getting cake unless they f**ked up.” With the swarms of beautiful women they’re exposed to everyday, he believes it’s damn near impossible for them to sexually assault women simply because women are infatuated with us.” In fact, he claims they’re the ones who have to fight the girls off of them—not the other way around.

    Even more simply put, he boasted, “n**gas aint’ taking p**sy, man, n**gas gotta make pussy go away!”

  4. “Did you see that fat b**ch they talking about Usher was f**king with?” he asked…

    Boosie reiterated that the amount of women lusting after rappers every year is a shield to rape allegations.

    “I don’t believe n**gas taking p**sy who can f**k a million b**ches a year!” he hollered. Every b**ch want to lick on a n**ga!” He even put out a disclaimer for himself should he become accused in the future, stating his innocence early. Boosie believes that women are specifically targeting older celebrities with sex assault allegations after they’ve already built up an empire.

  5. “Us rappers, you know how many charges we can put on a b**ch?! Boosie continued…

    “Do you know how many b**ches then grabbed our d**k and harassed us? You know how many b**ches per night caress us?”

    He said that women ought to be lucky there aren’t any “b**ch a** n**gas” pressing accusations against them for their alleged aggressive sexual behavior rappers are confronted with on a regular basis. “How many girls out there right now who probably looking at this interview done did some sexual harassment sh** to some rappers when they came to your city?” he asked, finally settling from his explosive rant. “And they boys.”

  6. Boosie has one word for it all: illegal prosecution

    The “Wipe Me Down” rapper believes rappers are pretty much defenseless against the word of an accuser. In the end, he said, it’s his word against hers, and there’s practically no means of fighting that. “It’s a so-called rapper gangster’s word against a b**ch that came to the concert who feel like she was an innocent bystander,” he said. “How we gonna fight it, Vlad?”

    As a PSA to any of the women he’s encountered, Boosie ended the tirade with a memo for them as well:  

    “So I’m telling you b**ches now, b**ch, you a lie! We groped each other!”

    Hear all of his sentiments in a segment from the VladTV interview below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

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