Jermaine Dupri Revealed Something About Bow Wow's Drug Addiction That Will Have You Side-Eyeing...

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Jermaine Dupri Revealed Something About Bow Wow's Drug Addiction That Will Have You Side-Eyeing...

"How long have I been dealing with this? This been every day of my life since he was 12 years old."

Published September 18, 2018

Bow Wow’s recently heartbreaking revelation about his battle with drug abuse, more narrowly a lean addiction, drew support, prayers and encouraging messages from the entire Twitterverse last week.

In the wake of 26-year-old Mac Miller’s death, who passed away from a reported drug overdose, Bow penned a tweet to the youth, demanding an end to substance abuse and calling up his own embarrassing experiences in his career while being “high off lean every day.”

Sadly enough, Bow did a pretty good job at hiding the addiction. At least that’s what it seems, considering that those closest to him never knew of any such thing, like his longtime mentor and So So Def founder, Jermaine Dupri.

  1. In a new ‘Breakfast Club’ interview, DJ Envy likened Dupri’s relationship with Bow to that of a father and son, or big brother and little bro

    Envy mentioned that among all of Dupri’s artists, his relationship with Bow is far more unique.

    "It's just what y'all see,” Dupri said. “It's not' ain't really like that. It's just what people see." Even in the midst of Mr. Shad Moss’s internet antics, he clarified that he doesn’t even follow Bow on those platforms because he’s not much of a social media guy, himself.

    When Angela Yee asked whether Dupri, perhaps, had Bow blocked on social media, he denied that, too. After all, as someone who’s been close to the former child rap star practically his entire life, the shenanigans doesn’t bother him as it does everyone else. “How long have I been dealing with this?” he responded coolly. “It’s been every day of my life since he was 12-years-old.” Bow’s days as a nuisance goes all the way back to when he was just a kid snatching JD’s jewelry from his bus and taking off with it during their tours, JD hilariously recalled.

  2. But he was never privy to the drug addiction Bow disclosed on Twitter

    In fact, his visit on The Breakfast Club was his first time ever hearing about it. “I don’t be following that sh**,” he said, after Envy informed him that Bow said he was quitting marijuana in an attempt to live a cleaner, anti-drug lifestyle going forward.

    But despite the public’s concern with Bow’s closest friends and family refusing to intervene, Dupri defended his decision to step away from the controversies instead of stepping in on the 31-year-old’s behavior. “Everybody keep talking about Bow Wow—one thing that y’all gotta realize is y’all never seen Bow Wow in no trouble,” he said. “Y’all just keep talking about him on social media. I’m in Bow Wow’s life 100 percent: you ain’t seen Bow Wow go to jail, you ain’t seen Bow Wow with no drug addiction. He telling y’all that—y’all ain’t seen that sh**.”

    He continued explain that “it’s not realistic to [him].” Even amid the devastating news of Mac’s passing, Dupri said, things should have been handled differently for all those who actually witnessed his drug habit.

    “If that’s your man, you had to see him doing the drugs, right?” he said. “And, if you see your man doing the drugs, you supposed to say something if you’re a smart person. I have never seen Bow Wow do no drugs around me. And Bow Wow’s never been to jail. Bow Wow ain’t never got no cases beating on no women. Nothing! It’s not going to happen around me. So, I’m saying, I’m in his life.”


    Hear his thoughts on all of Bow’s controversies in the video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)


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