Nick Cannon Finally Reveals The Truth Behind Mariah Carey's Beef With Ariana Grande

Nick Cannon Finally Reveals The Truth Behind Mariah Carey's Beef With Ariana Grande

Surprise, surprise.

Published October 10, 2018

No one’s quite put their finger on the reason behind Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey and pop star songstress Ariana Grande’s discord that’s been silently brewing since the onset of the former Nickelodeon actress’s singing career.

Nick Cannon has though, who tends to have lots of insider knowledge on the industry’s best kept secret. In a VladTV interview, the entrepreneurial elitist and Mimi’s ex-husband shed light on the Ariana chip sitting on Mariah’s shoulder that’s kept the oft-compared ladies from joining the power of their vocal forces. According to Nick, those comparisons are actually where it all began.

  1. First off, he can’t help but to find that viral video-shopped clip of the faux Ariana and Mimi ‘Carpool Karaoke’ just as hilarious as the rest of us do

    In the hoax video, Mariah pierces the dirtiest glare ever from the driver’s seat as Ariana croons her “Dangerous Woman” single to the top of her lungs over on the passenger side. Peep the clip below if you haven’t seen it yet:

    It’s even more hilarious to Nick because he believes that’s how a Mimi and Ari Carpool Karaoke together would really go down, he said. He recollected his first time ever introducing Mimi to the idea of Ariana as a singer, who he’s known since her former Nickelodeon days as the star of the kid network’s Victorious series. Nick said praised to Mimi how great of a singer Ariana was, and Mariah responded cordially. However, once the comparisons started, that immediately turned Mimi off. 

  2. ‘This is what Mariah hates,’ Nick explained…

    “And, Ariana made the cardinal mistake of saying—or I don’t even know if it was her—but, it was associated. It was like, ‘the next’ or ‘the new’ Mariah Carey. [And she’s like] ‘The f**k does that mean?’ I’m the Mariah Carey, why do you need another one? Why do you need the next one?’”

    He totally gets it because he was likened to being the “next” Will Smith at one point, Nick added. However, he did vouch that the Mariah comparisons wasn’t Ari’s fault because even she didn’t care to be the “next” anything—just simply, Ariana Grande. “But, what ends up happening is that these people who never even get a chance to meet each other already have animosity towards each other because of some title or somebody saying ‘I want to be the next this’ or ‘I want to be that,” he said.

  3. After all, Nick added, no one wants to be replaced

    And that’s likely one of the reasons he failed at his effort to bring the women together. Nick said he was fond of Ariana and Mariah’s always been a cool person, but when that “weird sh**” got in the way, so did a lot of competition and ego.

    Welp, since the ladies won’t, maybe the fans can follow-up on Nick’s attempt, and—who knows?—it might even work.

    *Aggressively nudges the Lambs and Arianators*

    Hear Nick explain the gripe between Mimi and Ari below.

Written by BET Staff

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