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Joe Biden during an interview with Jimmy Fallon

Biden Makes His First Late Night Show Appearance Since Becoming President

Joe Biden made his late-night debut since becoming president on The Tonight Show with comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Ariana Grande Is Begging For Rihanna’s New Album: ‘I Need It’

Rih is keeping people waiting for her ninth album.

Jeopardy Contestant Confusingly Mixed Up Ariana Grande And This Black Music Icon

There was even a video clue, and they still got it wrong.

Ariana Grande’s L.A. Home Becomes The Latest Target In A Swatting Call

The LAPD plans to launch an investigation.

Ariana Grande Fans Rush To Her Defense After This Person Suggested That She Paints Herself Brown

“Why is Ariana Grande excluded from cancel culture?”

Eminem Reenacts Las Vegas Shooting In ‘Darkness’ As He Calls For Gun Control Reform

He dropped a new music video alongside his album on Friday.

Drake Named Spotify's Most-Streamed Artist Of The Decade

He beat out Ed Sheeran, Post Malone and Eminem.

Lizzo Drops 'Good As Hell (Remix)' With Ariana Grande

“I got a bottle of tequila and a remix for you.”

Ariana Gets Pelted With A Lemon At Coachella And Fans Blame The BeyHive

Assault with a deadly... lemon?

Don't Worry, Beyhive: Beyoncé And Ariana Grande Actually Had The Same $8 Million Coachella Checks

The hive can officially "stan" down on this one.

Ariana Grande Brings Out Diddy And Mase At Coachella

The three paid homage to Biggie, Tupac and Nipsey Hussle.