Jim Jones Fires Off Rounds At 50 Cent And Ignites Unrelated Beef With This Radio Host

Jim Jones Fires Off Rounds At 50 Cent And Ignites Unrelated Beef With This Radio Host

"What's up Champ?"

Published October 11, 2018

Founding Dipset member Jim Jones and founding member of G-Unit 50 Cent cut the suffocating tension hovering over social media this past week with some light-hearted trolling. 

  1. Capo apparently flew to Miami to "give fans play-by-play" of Hurricane Michael

    However, according to him, "the n****rologist," it was "sunny as sh*t," so there wasn't anything to report on. He resorted to spazzing on whoever provided him with the false information, and demanded to be "cut a check." He told fans "get high or continue to do what they came to do" in lieu of stocking up at the supermarket.

  2. Fif slid in his comments to troll his scruffy appearance. "Damn Jimmy, why you look so dirty?" he replied.

    The Queens emcee continued his antics, "what the f**k is going on? You from Harlem, get it together." However, the "We Fly High" emcee opted to fire back by using Fif's current beef with Hot 97 host, Ebro Darden to shut him down. "I appreciate the advice, but I heard Ebro will f**k you up without security," said Jones. "He said you hid behind ur goons and I said 'nah 50 can box,'" he continued.

  3. In a since-deleted tweet, 50 stated Darden is "banned from NY city night life" and will be "punched in the face shortly."

    Apparently this had to do with a 2004 incident at Hot 97's Summer Jam where Darden claims Fif threw a chair, and the "Candy Shop" emcee quickly gathered receipts, discrediting those allegations.

    Fif, typically, isn't one to take shots at his ego lightly. So, in the words of Jim, what you gon' do, Champ?

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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