Offset’s Mistress Got Caught Being Petty Towards Cardi B And Got Ripped To Shreds

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Offset’s Mistress Got Caught Being Petty Towards Cardi B And Got Ripped To Shreds

Whew, she bold bold.

Published December 20, 2018

The audacity of Offset’s alleged mistress has become very evident in the past few days. Mr. and Mrs. Cephus split earlier this month, and Cardi B has focused on their daughter, Kulture, securing her bags and is doing her best to ensure fans don’t attack her spouse too much, regardless of their relationship status, in spite of being attacked herself. However, the woman responsible on the breakup, Summer Bunni, is currently on an “apology” tour and has turned her incessant tears into straight-up petty antics.

Hours after Bardi revealed that she and her trap star husband were no longer together and receipts of Offset’s alleged infidelity flooded social media, Summer hit up TMZ and tearfully apologized for being a home wrecker. However, just yesterday, she retracted said apology in a surfaced clip from an interview that was rumored to have been shut down by the “Be Careful” femcee and her team.

Now it appears that Summer has simply run out of f**ks to give.

  1. Taking to Instagram Live, Summer alluded, more than once, that the Bronx rapper is "pressed"

    It's quite the coincidence since Cardi just teased a new song where she spewed the word "press" over and over again. It may be speculative, but Summer appeared to be throwing several jabs at her. Peep the 12-minute live-stream for yourself, below, and decide.

    Not long after, Cardi posted a photo captioned, "B**ch sit down before I sit you" and Summer couldn't resist this clapback.

  2. "Sitting but on my way to your ni**a," she wrote
    Swipe left

    This isn't even the worst part...

  3. Rumor has it, Summer might be pregnant, and the Bardi Gang is ready to throw hands

    Evidence has yet to be unearthed about this so-called pregnancy, but Summer is on one, and the rumor mill is spinning out of control.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic)


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