Offset's Mistress Details Her Affair And Has A Mouthful For Cardi B

Offset's Mistress Details Her Affair And Has A Mouthful For Cardi B

"You got an apology and you shoulda just took that..."

Published December 21, 2018

When one door closes, Offset's mistress, Summer Bunni, breaks down walls. It was reported that “Bickenhead” femcee Cardi B had Summer’s tell-all interview with Power 106 shelved earlier this week, but that can neither be confirmed nor denied. However, bouncing back seems to be something the 20-year-old aspiring rapper is good at. In a riveting exclusive with Hollywood Life, Summer discussed her affair with the Atlanta-bred trapster and how they met. Since retracting her tearful apology to Mrs. Cephus, Summer is now petty and entitled.

For starters, she feels she’s owed an apology from Offset, public or private, for the mess her life has become since their relationship was outed and refuses to apologize for her role in it any longer. “When people first found out who I was, I apologized, [but with] everything I been dealing with, I take that apology all the way back. The whole sorry situation is over,” Summer stated. What really resonated with Summer was how the Bronx native reacted. “She really is probably hurt and it got to me. I was feeling for her. I’m not the only person… I wanna be the first person to be real about it and say sorry.”

  1. Now? Summer’s message to Cardi is simple. “Just get back with your man. It’s enough.”

    She feels that the “Be Careful” rapstress is the culprit behind her Instagram being hacked and hates the subliminal messages on social media. “People wanna say I’m a clout chaser [but] my instagram gone. This new instagram, everything I post gets deleted and then people wanna say like ‘oh this person was stopping my bags,’ but you gon’ forever make me a topic.”

    Appropriately being dubbed a home wrecker, Summer stated, “I wish they would get back together. Just get back with him. You really gonna drive yourself crazy. I could be your little sister. So, just stop. Leave it alone. What else do you want from me? I said sorry. That wasn’t enough, so you go on Instagram talking.”

  2. Offset met Summer through a mutual friend and, in spite of public opinion, she swears he made the first move

    "Offset is very very very charming. That’s all I wanna say. I know why she… you know. I know, girl. Same way over here." Summer mentioned while she does have genuine feelings, she's hurt and misses him. "My intentions was never to do any of this. For a year and a half, I never said anything. Somebody else put it out there. Now, that I’m publicly out here, people wanna get mad and blame me."

  3. As far as Cardi and that apology are concerned...

    "I really was sorry at that time, but what else? You got what you wanted, you got an apology. You got an apology. You shoulda just took that, and just been cool, but now that you wanna be immature and unprofessional … I’m over it. I learned my lesson," she continued.

    Though the Grammy-nominated rapper hasn't addressed the apology directly, Summer feels she's seen it. "It’s about your husband at this point. You’ve seen it. I sent love to you [but] it’s like calm down. I wanna do my music. You need to do your family, your music, whatever you got going on-- stop focusing on me."

    She stated Offset told her to not say anything, and she agreed, until the receipts were unearthed and the situation was no longer in their control. "I came out to let you know I apologize and as a woman, I’m letting you I really meant that. [But Cardi] is nagging, like poking. You really gonna poke so much and then you're gonna get the wrong response. You gon be hurt hurt."


  4. The craziest part? According to Summer, Offset's birthday and Rolling Loud apologies were her ideas.

    "Mad respect to Offset and what we had," she began, "I understand it was a marriage. I understand it was so serious; it really wasn't. Obviously, it wasn't serious. I hate that this really happened. He might not wanna be married. He might be confused, [but] I’m not the problem. I’m actually the solution. If it wasn't for me admitting publicly, he wouldn't have got on there [on his birthday] and did all that. Come on now. Good job Offset. I’m really proud. I gave the idea [for Rolling Loud]. That’s what I was rooting for."

  5. Wow, what a plot twist. Watch the full interview below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)


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