Meek Mill’s Suspicious Hotel Room Video Has Fans Attacking This Female Rapper

Meek Mill’s Suspicious Hotel Room Video Has Fans Attacking This Female Rapper

She's since responded to the controversy with the sharpest clapback of 2019 thus far.

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 2, 2019 / 10:41 AM

At the close of his year of reclamation and 2018 hip-hop championship series of W’s, Philly MC Meek Mill also announced he’ll be hanging up his player’s jersey upon his son’s wish for a new stepmommy.  

Meek’s been keeping his search for a wife candid with his Twitter followers too, tweeting some of the (*ahem*) benefits he'll be granting his lady of choice between the sheets. The Twitter Q&A sessions haven’t given any clues as to exactly who the Championships artist has his eye on these days though. On his Instagram grounds, however, Meek’s going semi-public with a possible newfound bae, and fans believe they might have finally cracked the code on the new beau and potential wifey.

Unfortunately, they’ll all need to return to the drawing board after the lady in question is now addressing the fraternizing fuss once and for all.  

  1. Upon Meek’s recent revelation that he thinks he might be in love…
  2. ...Followed by some mysterious bae-cay pictures

    (In which Meek concealed the identity of the woman riding shotgun on the back of his jet ski…)

  3. The messy meddlers of ‘The Shade Room’ attempted to put the pieces of Meek’s love puzzle together

    And landed on Harlem’s rising female rapper, Melli. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because the “Icey” rapper was featured on Meek’s chart-topping Championships project on the lusty “Wit The Sh**s [W.T.S.]” record. She’d even changed her Instagram profile picture to the Championships album cover art for a brief period after its release.

    Catching Meek sleeping in what appears to be a hotel room, Melli jokingly posted a clip of the snoozing Dreamchasers boss to her Instagram story. “He will tell u to come chill to basically watch him sleep,” she captioned the post. She posted another flick of Meek, who was still dozed off, this time with a selfie (or “usie” rather).

    (Swipe left...)
  4. In their usual fashion, 'TSR' commenters went to work on the woman behind the selfie camera lens

    And later discovered that Melli was, indeed, the pictured lady.

  5. But not for long after she dropped the bomb on the dating (and sneaky snoozing scandal) rumors

    According to her, Meek is her mentor and one of the firsts to support her music—nothing more, nothing less. “We got pictures up, in a interview, talking about me, I’m in his video,” she wrote in a follow-up Instagram story post, “and the first thing n**gas think is that I’m sneaking a picture of my MENTOR? Y’all got really issues get off ig.”

    Welp—case closed (or still open for Meek’s mystery lady, we should say).

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage)


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