Master P Blasts Victims’ Parents After ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

Master P Blasts Victims’ Parents After ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

"Those parents shouldn't have let that go that far..."

Published January 7, 2019

New Orleans business and hip-hop mogul Master P is one of the latest from hip-hop to speak up and out on the hot button Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, and he’s taking a less-talked-about angle toward the controversy: the parents.

According to the No Limit Records founder, each and every last parent who appeared in the Lifetime documentary also has a hand in the controversy for allowing it to go that far, he said. And though his stance on the sexual deviancies of R. Kelly aren’t as solid, he’s convinced that the accountability should be shared between both parties.

  1. ‘Y’all want me to give y’all the real because this might hurt some people’s feeling about R. Kelly…’ he said in a video

    According to him, Lifetime is merely a reality television and entertainment network—not the place to address a controversy as abhorrent as R. Kelly’s. “If somebody daddy and you knocking on the door—they got your daughter in there, y’all already know,” he said, “I ain’t gonna be on no reality show, Lifetime, I’m gonna be on CNN. Straight up.” He went on explaining that he would have taken far different means to protect his child, and that the parents should have never set foot behind the cameras. “You shouldn’t be on there unless you on CNN from a jail cell,” he continued. He’s not sure “if R. Kelly did it or not,” it’s not “his business,” and he’s “not judging,” he said. But in his book, “those parents shouldn’t have let it go that far.” That’s the only part about it he doesn’t respect because “if you got love for your kids, you going to war behind your kids,” he concluded.

  2. While some of his sentiments sat well with the internet..

    Others didn’t. See how the Twitterverse deliberated on it all below.


Written by Diamond Alexis

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