Wait, Is Drake's New Tattoo An Image Of His Son?

Wait, Is Drake's New Tattoo An Image Of His Son?

The internet put its zooming skills to the test on Drizzy's latest Instagram flick.

Published March 14, 2019

Instagram’s dapper Champagne Papi, a.k.a. Drake, may be giving a whole new meaning to his literal “papi” status as a dad of one as fans are suspecting from a new tattoo on his forearm.

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, Drizzy revealed his grand entrance to fatherhood by way of his Scorpion album (and after an unfavorable reveal, courtesy of his rap adversary Pusha T) in 2018. Aside from an adorable Christmas art piece featuring the hand print of his little one, the Toronto megastar has kept the details on his infant son off the public’s radar, including any photos of him. That might be changing only slightly with the spotting of Drizzy’s newest ink, which appears to be a photo of a baby boy that could very well be an image of baby Adonis Graham himself.

  1. The tat is located on the upper, inner part of Drizzy’s right forearm

    Upon closer inspection, the picture gets a little grainy. What can be deciphered is a photo of a baby and possibly even a bib around his neck. Before jumping to any solid conclusions, however, there's just as good a chance that the tat could be an image of one of Drizzy's own baby pictures, adding to his bodily ink collage of important and influential figures in his life over the years. 

    It's worth noting that Drizzy hasn't yet confirmed the tattoo as his young son just yet, either...

  2. But still, fans are delighted to finally get a glimpse of who they've already considered as baby Adonis

    Even if it does mean they have to stalk Drizzy’s right arm for it:

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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