T.I. Responds To Kodak Black's Comments About His Lip Scar

T.I. Responds To Kodak Black's Comments About His Lip Scar


Published April 10th

They say silence is golden and duct tape is silver. Perhaps Kodak Black is going for the bronze on this one.

After being met with some heavy backlash from industry folks and fans alike following his insensitive remarks about Lauren London, the Florida rapper refused to properly retract his statement.

It all started when Kodak took to his Instagram Live and romanticized the loss of London's longtime partner, Nipsey Hussle. "She's finna be a whole widow out here. I'll be the best man I can be for her," the rapper said at the disgust and disdain of viewers.

  1. T.I. was one of the first celebrity figures to quickly check Kodak, to which Black semi-apologized to Lauren while still coming at the Grand Hustle CEO. Now, Kodak has returned to minimize Tip's attempt at defending Lauren as simply a ploy to get "first dibs" on the actress.

    "Dude just want first dibs on her, dude just want her first. He just want her first though," Kodak ranted on a recent Live. Black then went on to mock T.I.'s vernacular, telling Tip to "fix his lip expeditiously" a sneak diss towards Tip, who has a visible scar at the corner of his mouth.

    "Fix your lips right now. Fix your lip, expeditiously... Ya'll gonna be kissing in that new movie." The film Kodak was most likely referring to was the long-awaited sequel to ATL, in which Lauren plays T.I.'s love interest.

    Towards the end of the rant, Kodak addressed the radio stations and DJs who recently came forward to ban his music from airways. Ironically, he quoted a song from Nipsey:

    "What the boy Nipsey said? RIP to that boy Nipsey. What that boy say? 'No co-sign, I ain't need the radio to do mine. I'm just fine.' F** ya'll talking about. All you n**** say that s***!"

  2. Meanwhile, T.I. remains unbothered. The Atlanta rapper uploaded a video of himself returning from a family vacay, addressing Kodak's rant with a fraction of the same energy. While zooming in on his lip scar, the rapper responded with poise. "That's what they talking about, hmm?" he said, pointing out the scar. "Yo ol' lady say she love my scar. This right here? Yeah? Walked in front of a swing in elementary school."

    In other words, if Kodak responds, he may just be arguing with himself at this point. 


Written by Soraya Joseph

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Cindy Ord/Getty Images)


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