Here's Who Solange Was Originally Cast As In Disney's 'The Cheetah Girls' Classic

Here's Who Solange Was Originally Cast As In Disney's 'The Cheetah Girls' Classic

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Published June 4th

Nothing says Disney classic quite like the Cheetah Girls and, apparently, the lineup for the fabulous four almost looked completely different 15 years ago, according to receipts from The Shade Room. In a 2018 interview with International Business Times, film producer Debra Martin Chase revealed that Solange was almost cast as part of the original Cheetah Girls movie lineup featuring Raven-Symoné, Adrienne Houghton, Sabrina Bryan, and Kiely Williams.

  1. Chase, who served as an executive producer for the franchise, shared that Solange almost played the role of Aqua before it ultimately went to Williams. The film producer recalled meeting young Knowles in 2002 when Disney was still building the final lineup of the iconic television music group.  

    “The auditions were long,” Martin Chase recounted. “They auditioned hundreds of girls for the four roles… I went to a couple more callbacks, and then the last and final callback, they had Raven there. She was being brought on as Galleria. And Adrienne came in, and I was a fan of 3LW… Raven, I knew. I had already heard talks about ‘That’s So Raven.’ I had already seen some of the audition calls for it. So, I knew that show was being filmed. So, that wasn’t a surprise. But also, Solange Knowles was there. And she was originally booked as Aqua.”

  2. The decision to halt her acting aspirations all came down to timing. Chase explained that Solo had to drop out of auditions to prepare for the release of her debut album, Solo Star, after its release date got bumped up, which led to a time conflict between music and acting. Solo Star dropped on December 26, 2002 and the first Cheetah Girls film came out on August 15, 2003.

    Either way, Solange went on to bless our screens, nabbing her first starring role as the spunky head cheerleader Camille in the Bring It On: All or Nothing sequel, which still kicks to this day.

    But the news has fans now wondering what Cheetah Girls would've amounted to if Solo was a member of the quartet. Check out some of their reactions below:

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photos from left: Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic, Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)


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