Tory Lanez's Colorism Claims Are Not True, According To The Music Video Director

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 13: (Exclusive Coverage) Tory Lanez visits Music Choice on December 13, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Tory Lanez's Colorism Claims Are Not True, According To The Music Video Director

The model involved is also speaking up.

Published June 18th

Tory Lanez's seemingly good deed is now the discussion of a major controversy as some of the folks involved are dubbing it a publicity stunt.

After days of headlines dominated by Tory for reportedly calling a duo of music directors out for a colorist incident, one of the directors is hitting back against Tory’s claims along with one of the models. The director even got in touch with TMZ to air their side of the story. According to him, the entire ordeal was staged by Tory’s camp.

  1. A few days ago, Tory alleged that music video directors Capone and Guise tried to swap out one dark-skinned model for another light-skinned one during the shooting for Nafe Smallz' "Good Love" video, which the Toronto rapper-singer is featured in. He made headlines after he published a video, which garnered over 1.7 million views, that showed him standing against their colorism. 

  2. Director Capone is now asserting that his team had nothing to do with the incident, telling TMZ that they would "never allow something as disgusting as what Tory Lanez is portraying" to happen. He insinuated that if there was any move made to swap the woman out, then someone from Tory’s camp was behind the decision. He further pointed out that a majority of the people who were on set that day were from Tory’s camp.

    Sultry Shen, the model at the center of the controversy, also spoke out against Tory’s accusations, calling them “fake news.” In a set of DMs floating around on Twitter, Shen said that the alleged swap never even happened and that Tory asked for both her and the light-skinned model to do solo shoots.

    “When it was her turn, he said cut the music video to make it look like it had something to do with race,” she asserted. 

    The music video, which dropped on June 13, features a variety of Black women in a variety of beautiful shades — which Capone pointed out to TMZ.


  3. Tory, however, maintains that he is not lying about the situation and has since put out a message addressing the backlash and betrayal fans are now accusing him of after the model and directors' testimonies.

    "I went out of my way to bring awareness to an important topic of discussion that never gets addressed,” the "Say It" rapper-singer said. "IF this was a publicity stunt, why would I be doing it for someone else's music video?”

    “All parties that were involved know exactly what happened in the 30 minutes that I was at the shoot. Whether or not they wanna be truthful or not," Tory concluded in his message.

    According to other screenshots, the light-skinned model supports Tory's side as well. 

    See their messages below:

  4. Despite Tory speaking up, the internet is torn over whether it believes him. Many are already snatching back their praise while others are waiting things to see which side's truth will prevail.

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)


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