Here Are Nipsey Hussle’s Heartbreaking Final Words After He Was Shot

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Here Are Nipsey Hussle’s Heartbreaking Final Words After He Was Shot

The rapper was murdered on March 31.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 29, 2019 / 01:00 PM

Written by Paul Meara

Grand jury transcripts regarding Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death have been unsealed According to the Los Angeles Times, moments before he was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing store, the Slauson rapper had a final exchange of words with his alleged shooter.

Shortly after a brief conversation between Eric Holder, 29, and Hussle, Holder opened fire, shooting Hussle several times. Deputy District Attorney John McKinney told the court that the 33-year-old rapper turned to Holder as he lay dying and allegedly told him, “You got me.” Holder also allegedly kicked him in the head.

Nipsey’s heartbreaking last words were just one of the details emerging from the May grand jury proceedings.

During his opening statement, McKinney alleged that Holder and his girlfriend pulled into a busy parking lot to get food from a hamburger restaurant. That’s when Holder allegedly spotted Nipsey and a conversation began.

“Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching,” McKinney stated. “The conversation wasn’t particularly intense. It wasn’t particularly belligerent.”

The Deputy D.A. went explained that Holder was heard by witnesses asking Hussle, “So you’ve never snitched?” or “Haven’t you snitched?”

Holder then returned to his vehicle with a woman who was accompanying him and drove off. As she was driving, Holder allegedly pulled out a gun and told the woman to drive around the block giving him enough time to load his weapon.

Upon arriving back at the shopping center, Holder reportedly told the woman to pull over and said he’d be right back. That’s when Holder approached Hussle outside of his store and shot him multiple times. The alleged gunman then fled in the vehicle with the woman.

While speeding away from the scene, the woman allegedly asked what happened. She claims Holder threatened to slap her if she didn’t just drive, according to McKinney.

The woman, who will be a key witness for the prosecution, has not been identified by name and is simply listed as Witness 1 in court documents. She has reportedly told an LAPD detective she’s received death threats in retaliation for the murder.

It is unclear whether the woman has accepted authorities’ offer of protective custody. She has been granted immunity in exchange for her testimony, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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