Lil Wayne Performed His 'Old Town Road' Unofficial Remix For First Time At Lollapalooza

Lil Wayne performs at Foxtail Pool at SLS Las Vegas on September 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lil Wayne Performed His 'Old Town Road' Unofficial Remix For First Time At Lollapalooza

Tunechi was turned all the way up.

Published August 5th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Lil Nas X's history-making “Old Town Road” has been remixed so many times that it has spawned a meme of its own, with fans joking that we’ll probably be enduring reworked versions of the song well into the future.

As such, fans have been tossing out names of artists they would like to see featured on an official “Old Town Road” remix, and one prominent name in particular has rung out from the chorus of artists fans have been clamoring for a remix from. 


  1. An unofficial audio snippet previewing an early version of a rumored remix featuring Lil Wayne partially leaked online last month. It spurned rumors that the Young Money chief and Lil Nas would be dropping an official remix. Weezy then confirmed the collaboration was legit to XXL Magazine and that he had sent Lil Nas’ team some verses for a possible remix.

    But the 20-year-old pulled a bait-and-switch and dropped a Young Thug-assisted remix with guest vocals from viral yodeler Mason Ramsey. Then there was the remix with BTS member RM, “Seoul Town Road.” 


  2. There is still no sign of Lil Wayne’s version of the song getting an official release, so fans have been clinging to the snippet. Until this weekend. 

    While on stage at Lollapalooza, Lil Wayne treated fans to a preview of his “Old Town Road” remix. The rap icon performed the song in full for the first time, and probably the only one, before a packed and zealous crowd. Following in the same vein of Thugger’s version, the track is actually a remix of a remix. Weezy’s verses replaces Mason Ramsey as rap stalwart plugs his own spin on the cowboy visage Lil Nas crafted. 

    "I got the horses in the back and she twerk it for a pony / Ooh, she got that honky-tonky, I met her on Farmers Only," Wayne rapped. "White bandana 'round my neck, ooh my collar getting dirty / I pop a couple perkies, I chew 'em like they jerky / Pull up on a tractor, lean and jolly ranchers / Poppa was a rolling stone, but me, I roll like tractors."

    Clips of the surprise performance have made their way online, so fans can continue to get their life to the remix beyond the festival. Check out Lil Wayne’s performance of “Old Town Road” below. 


(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


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