50 Cent Just Shared A Very Rare Opinion On Jay-Z's NFL Deal

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 20: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson at STARZ Madison Square Garden "Power" Season 6 Red Carpet Premiere, Concert, and Party on August 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ)

50 Cent Just Shared A Very Rare Opinion On Jay-Z's NFL Deal

He also confronts rumors of a Rick Ross beef.

Published September 10, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

Radio veteran Ebro Darden and 50 Cent haven’t always been on the best of terms, but after briefly reigniting their beef in 2018, it seems they are back to being cool. The G-Unit honcho recently stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning where the two chopped it up on a range of topics in a 31-minute conversation, including his recent Chris Brown vs. Michael Jackson comments, Nicki Minaj’s retirement comments, and 50’s recent reunion with Dr. Dre. (Spoiler alert: they’re cool now.)

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    The conversation kicked off with the Queens emcee-turned-media-mogul’s directorial debut at the helm of the third episode for Power’s sixth season. Fifty wouldn’t hedge his bet on whether Ghost ultimately offs his best friend-turned-nemesis, Tommy, despite Ebro’s prodding before pivoting to the series’ upcoming spin-offs.

    The veteran host flipped the tables on Fifty by lightly trolling him with a nod to their infamous “50 Cent killed New York Hip-Hop” beef before the room laughed it off. But not before 50 got in a few lighthearted jabs of his own.

  2. The conversation then turned to Jay-Z’s controversial NFL partnership

    The Roc Nation honcho was tapped to spearhead the league’s live music entertainment and social justice initiatives. Fifty noted that Roc is home to many of the top artists leading hip-hop. 

    “I think that anything that goes on in the culture with people that you’ve already interacted, [they] kind of already have an interest in it slightly. Because it’s already happening to somebody you met or you know them and you looked at for them in that case,” Fifty said, pointing to Hov’s connection with Meek Mill, who just beat his decades-long case with the Philadelphia court. 

    “I don’t know if it makes it his full responsibility to do those things,” the 44-year-old rapper continued.

    “When you say I [quietly] do those things, it’s because I don’t want anybody to feel like it’s my responsibility to do it when it’s not. It’s something I’m doing on my own merit in between time."


  3. Speaking on Jay-Z’s joint conference with the NFL, Fifty felt like Hov 'didn’t have to answer those questions'

    “He could have just went home, man. Like why you gotta answer that?” Fifty asked.

    “Now the deal itself...how people feel is their feelings and everyone’s feelings are valid. But when you are doing business and you’re going ‘Okay, so you are not wanting us to do the deal because of...what exactly?’”


  4. As the interview was winding down, the hosts asked 50 Cent if he would ever link up, musically or business-wise, with Maybach Music founder Rick Ross. Many felt that Rozay took a slight jab at the G-Unit boss during a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood last month.

    "Honestly, I'm a businessman. If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it. But, not being funny, homie just ain't that dude no more," Ross told Big Boy, clarifying that he and Fif are on good terms with one another.

    Fif reiterated the same sentiments. 

    “I don’t have a problem with him. If I was chasing him, I would have got him by now,” Fifty said.


  5. 'When I come up and when they bring these people up, it’s like ‘Why?’'

    The G-Unit boss man said that he doesn’t have any problems with  The Game or Young Buck either.

    Watch the rest of the 31-minute interview in full below, where 50 Cent clears up his beef with Wendy Williams and discusses the new six-part television show he’s working on with Scott Storch.


(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ)


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