Nick Cannon Drops Second Diss Track Against Eminem Called ‘Pray For Him’

Nick Cannon Drops Second Diss Track Against Eminem Called ‘Pray For Him’

A second person has now rushed to Eminem’s defense as well.

Published December 10, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

Nick Cannon isn’t letting up on Eminem anytime soon, and his double-whammy diss track run is all the proof we need of that.

  1. After unleashing his scathing diss record aimed at the Detroit MC’s head, “The Invitation,” which was followed by a consequential war of words via social media, Nick is back on wax for another round of shots.

  2. The Internet first placed their bids in Em’s corner in anticipation of a verbal ethering of the Wild N’ Out creator (and followed by a #ripnickcannon hashtag)

    Shortly after 50 Cent issued a warning for the comedian to fall back, fellow Shady Records affiliate Obie Trice came through on Em’s behalf as well with his own verbal attack on “SpankyHayes.”

    We been doin' this since twenty zero two / When we had to eat up Ja Rule,” Obie warned over the instrumental to Jay-Z’s Dr. Dre-produced track “30 Something.”

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  3. In the absence of a response on wax from Em, however, Cannon came packing with more heat and returned for a second round on Tuesday (Dec. 10) with “Pray for Him.” In the song, Cannon and The Black Squad continue their rage against Eminem. For this track, Cannon takes the back seat as his crew goes in with their bars.



  4. The Wild N’ Out collective left no stone unturned as they ripped Em over everything from his politics (“you voted for Trump, b**ch admit it”) and his looks (“you getting facelifts like an Instagram wh*re”) to his family troubles and former issues with drugs. Perhaps the most bold bar delivered in the whole exchange was the blow at the tail end of the track: “God should’ve took Em and let us keep Juice WRLD.”

  5. Cannon brings up the rear as he gets in a few digs in the closing minute. Adopting Em’s flow from “Renegade,” he takes one final swipe at Eminem’s legacy as he insinuates that Detroit legend has fallen off.

    Now, you debate, disputed, hated and viewed in America as a m*thaf*ckin’ drug addict. You’ll never be a legend / Em, you should really start to stare at whose in the mirror / Look at all that f**king Botox / B**ch, I know you embarrassed,” he raps. “F**k all the tricks and gimmicks / You like the new white supremacist / Say the same f**king sentences / u ain’t no lyricist / I bet you never thought the killshot will come from the Cannon.”



  6. Listen to Cannon’s latest lyrical strike on Eminem below

(Photo L-R: Donna Ward/Getty Images and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)


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