Ne-Yo Confirms He And Crystal Smith Have Filed For Divorce


Ne-Yo Confirms He And Crystal Smith Have Filed For Divorce

“It’s not a sad thing.”

Published February 16, 2020

Written by Paul Meara

Last week, reports surfaced that Ne-Yo’s wife filed for divorse. Now, the singer himself is speaking out about the situation.

Sitting down with the Private Talk Podcast, he opened up about what’s going on between him and his lady Crystal Smith.

“It’s slowly but surely becoming public knowledge that myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce,” Ne-Yo said. “It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of a us realizing… long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her. I’m not that person. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that.”

He added that he and Smith have personal issues that hurt their marriage.

“Long story short, she’s got demons just like everyone else, just like me and we realize our demons don’t mesh and until the both of get ahold of our personal demons, it’s gonna be just difficult for us to stay married,” he said. “That’s the end of that chapter, not the end of that book. Like I said, that’s the mother of my kids and I love her to death. We’re gonna be family forever.”

Eyebrows were raised over the weekend when Smith was seen hanging out with Ryan Henry of VH1’s Black Ink Crew, so many are speculating that she’s already moving on.

Watch a segment of the interview below.

(Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage)


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