How Naomi Osaka’s Meeting With Jay-Z Is Changing Her Personality

How Naomi Osaka’s Meeting With Jay-Z Is Changing Her Personality

The tennis phenom is determined to get over being shy after talking to the hip-hop mogul.

Published May 6, 2020

Written by BET Staff

Quarantine has afforded us all a lot of time to reflect, and tennis star Naomi Osaka is opening up about a chance encounter with Jay-Z that she wishes she had handled differently.

  1. On Monday (May 4), Osaka took to Twitter where she declared that she is done being shy. 

    “I’m done being shy. It's really a waste of my time,” the 22-year old phenom tweeted. “I could’ve shared so many ideas by now, I could’ve had convos with so many different people. All the things I could’ve learned [face palm emoji] but no I’m over here actually putting my own limiter on myself.”

  2. Osaka recalled a time when Jay-Z attempted to strike up a conversation with her once but, regrettably, her nerves got the best of her. 

    “I was standing next to Jay-Z once and he started talking to me but I got really nervous and started giving one word replies so he suddenly said, 'Are you shy?’, and I said, ‘yeah’, and the convo came to a screeching halt. GOD WHYYYYYYYY...WHYYYYYYYY.”

    She added that while she’s working on coming out of her shell more, that doesn’t mean she’s going to start talking to everyone endlessly.

    “I’m probably still gonna be relatively quiet but I won’t pass on opportunities to speak my mind anymore,” she concluded. 

  3. See Naomi Osaka’s tweets below.

(Photo from left: Quality Sport Images/Getty Images and Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)


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