Ludacris Reveals Why He Feels He ‘Brought A Certain Light To Hip Hop’

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Ludacris Reveals Why He Feels He ‘Brought A Certain Light To Hip Hop’

The Atlanta rapper reflected on his career with ‘The Mogul Mixtapes.'

Published May 7, 2020

Written by Paul Meara

Ludacris’ run in hip hop was very successful and helped Atlanta’s rise during the early-to-mid 2000s. Now, he’s reflecting on his influence.

Sitting down with The Mogul Mixtapes, he spoke about the upcoming 20th anniversary of his first album, Back For the First Time, and how he made his mark on hip hop, particularly commercially.

He explained, “I think I brought a certain light to hip hop, that wasn’t necessarily always talking about having to shoot guns, or that the street life is great. A lot of people have gone through that, but it’s also okay to smile and laugh and actually joke around.”

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Luda also spoke about his come-up in the music industry, particularly during the late ‘90s when he took an internship at an Atlanta radio station.

“I had a plan,” he said. “Like if I could become a permanent fixture at this radio station, you’ve got all these artists and producers that come through every single day it’s only a matter of time before somebody latches on or I can get them to lend an ear to my music.”

Also, during the interview, Ludacris credited OutKast as a major inspiration and more. Listen to it here.

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