Rihanna Says No to "Bodyguard" Remake

Rihanna Says No to "Bodyguard" Remake

Whitney's "The Bodyguard" is in the process of being remade but don't count on Rihanna to be the star.

Published March 9, 2011

We are all wondering who will play the female lead in The Bodyguard, which, as we reported last week, is in the process of being remade. Names are floating around, including Miley Cyrus. However, another pop star rumored to be in the mix is the "Umbrella" diva Rihanna. But Whitney fans don't have to worry: Rihanna recently responded to the rumors and gave a resounding "Absolutely not!"

The Barbados native told OK! Magazine, "I hate it when singers do singing movies all the time because you can never look at them as anybody else," she said. "I want to separate the two. I want to play a character. My whole life is playing Rihanna—being a singer won't be a stretch for me. I like challenges, and being an actor is playing a role, being able to step into somebody else's shoes, that's the excitement."

When singers do "singing movies"? Is that a slight diss to Beyoncé? I am sure actresses in Hollywood are tried of singers taking movie roles. But The Bodyguard is a film made for a singer, and no one did it better than Whitney Houston. (The role was originally for Madonna.)

Rihanna's first film role will be in Battleship, which is currently in production and set to hit theaters in 2012.


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Written by Clay Cane


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