Chris Brown May Star as James Brown

Chris Brown May Star as James Brown

The godfather of soul's family is considering CB for a biopic.

Published March 31, 2011

Despite no significant work on the project since it was announced four years ago, members of James Brown’s family are still moving forward with a biopic film.

His daughter, Dr. Yamma Brown,  recently discussed casting options for the movie, saying, “...We have talked to several people, Eddie Murphy being one of them.” She added that the family has others in mind, including Chris Brown and Usher. On Usher, Brown said, “My dad coined him the ‘Godson of Soul,’ so Usher is a family friend and we just love him.”

In 2007, the Academy Award-nominated actor and comedian said James Brown wanted him to star in a movie about his life, though Murphy worried that his age might disqualify him. Murphy said, "I couldn't do James Brown now until he got to 40, 'cause I'm 45. I'll be 46 in April and I'm not doin' no splits and no s--t like that, and rippin' my a-- out tryin' to make no movie.”

There has been no official word on production or casting from the film’s handlers, director Spike Lee and producer Brian Grazer.


(Photo: CBS /Landov) 

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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